As October 31st is approaching, everybody is busy in planning the most interesting Halloween costumes. If you are really busy with your work and life, you can style your little black dress for Halloween. Here are few ways of styling your little black dress for Halloween.

ways to style your little black dress for halloween1. A Cat

You can dress up as the popular cat on Halloween with the help of your little black dress with some innovative accessories. You can style it with a cat ear hat, a choker of pearl beads or white metal and black pumps, and the Halloween cat is ready to go.

2. Witch

You can dress up as the most common witch by wearing a black shirt or tee over your LBD. You can also wear a thigh high black and white striped socks and black flats and don’t forget to have that broom in your hand.

3. Minnie Mouse

If you are a Disney fan from childhood, you can dress up as this Disney character by adding a red and white jacket, red heels, the Minnie bow and a red belt.

4. Creepy doll

If you have limited time in your hand to get ready for Halloween, then you can opt for this by picking a shirt on top of your LBD, wear a thigh high socks and pick up a soft doll, the creepy doll is ready.

5. Scarecrow

You can get this look by wearing a straw hat, old pair of boots, colorful tights and a plaid top. To perfect the scarecrow look you need to get heavy face makeup done.

6. Burglar look

You can become a burglar on Halloween night by wearing a striped shirt, a knee high boots, an eye mask and black tights along with your black dress.

7. The sexy Vampire

If you like the vampire look, you can accessorize your LBD with black tights, faux leather jacket, fangs .black pumps and don’t forget those pointy teeth.

8. A Bat

You can even become a bat, another animal choice if you want to be one. To get this look you need to concentrate on face make up and need to have a coat or jacket with wing like features, boots, fangs and cat ears.

9. A Referee

If you have a black and white striped jacket or sweater with you, then you can opt for this look. To get this hassle free look, you need to have athletic socks, a whistle, and loafers along with your jacket.

10. Wednesday Addams

This character of the famous Addams family is one of the easiest to remake. You have to keep your entire look black except for the famous white collar. You need to wear a black tights, white collared shirt and black flats for this look.

11. Cruella Devil

If you are keen on little costume drama, then go for this glamorous costume material. You can have that crazy white hair by using white face powder and hairspray. You can accessorize the look with long gloves, a faux fur jacket, red lipstick and black heels.

12. A Panda Bear

Another cute animal look for you, here you have to highlight bear eyes and nose painted with liquid eye liner. You need to wear a knit cap with two pom-poms and a white cardigan over your LBD along with your face make up to perfect the look.

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