The beauty industry is rapidly developing as the age old techniques of make-up are fast replaced by trendy and smart ones. Every day new ways of make-up are evolving, new colors of lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish are being discovered to make you more beautiful. With the help of these tools, you can utilize some beauty tricks which will assist you to be glamorous and flawless. These tricks will also teach you how to maintain your make up in some stressful situations.

make up tricks every woman should know

  • The first make up element which is being used since ages in different forms is foundation. You must have faced a situation where your foundation has started to look cakey and unnatural. To avoid such condition, according to Creative Design Director Pat McGrath, after applying foundation to all over your face never forget to wipe it with any tissue from your cheeks. This trick will reinstate life and realness to your cheeks.
  • To have dewy glow on your face you can choose to mix up moisturizer with your foundation.
  • Through eyes you can profoundly express your feelings. Hence you must have knowledge before engaging in eye makeup. If you are blessed with long natural eye lashes then never try to put on extra make up on it. Channel celebrity makeup artist Kara Yoshiomoto Bua recommends not using month old mascara. She suggests applying mascara into the base of your eye lash and tapering them to the ends to have a sexy look.
  • Another trick to revive your old mascara you can put on few drops of saline water to it. Remember not to use three months old mascara that can be harmful for your eyes.
  • If you have chosen to curl your eye lashes with a curler then this trick must be beneficial for you. Heat up your eye lash curler through blowing hot air to it. This process will make your eye lashes curl easy and stay curled for long time.
  • Dark circles can spoil your make up. Hence to conceal it, try to apply concealer in a triangular form under the lash line and spread it out through your cheeks. By applying this way, you will be to create an illusion which will lift up real glow of your skin.
  • Liquid liner is always recommended as the master product for your eyes but must be applied in a right way. Therefore the trick would be to transform your pencil liner into a gel one by holding it under flame for just one second and cool it down for 15 seconds and then apply.
  • Lipstick is another important part of every make up. To have long lasting lip color you can swipe on the shade and place a tissue over your mouth and dust translucent powder to it.
  • To perfectly draw cupid brows, you can draw an “X” on your upper lip to follow as guideline.
  • Remember to apply your brow pencil or powder to the upper part of your eye brows to lift up your face.
  • After applying nail enamel you can easily and quickly dry it up with ice water.
  • A use of bronzer is always recommended to have slimmer look on your face.


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