There are just some Halloween costumes that given a right details can be high fashion. These can range from dressing up as a cat to turning into a zombie. There are many good ideas, but here are the best ones for this season.

costumes that will make you stand outTop 10 Ideas:

1. Dress up as a zombie version of Victoria Beckham. She is one of the top women in high fashion so where can you go wrong, right? What you need to transform yourself into this costume is a nice looking shift dress. No need to pay a lot of money for the dress, but make sure it looks good. Now strategically tear the dress up and cover it with blood and do the same with the facial makeup.

2. Another good idea is catwoman. This one is simple get a nice pair of leather leggings, a tight top along with some cat ears and a mask. Make sure the leather leggings and top fit like a second skin. Add a thick black belt to make the costume complete. Put the cat ears on and if there is no mask to be found simply paint one on with some black face paint.

3. Always wanted to be a queen, so why not go as Queen Ravena from Snow White? For this costume the essential item is a drop-dead gorgeous crown and dress. There are many different ways to get one, perhaps if there is a crafty friend around they can make one, or if not purchase one. There is bound to be another time to wear it.

4. If the cast of ‘Girls’ is the ideal costume, then first find some awesome shoes. These shoes can be any type of shoes that appeal and make a statement. Go for some shoes that really have some color and match it with a simple outfit or dress.

5. Go as Betsey Johnson, she is a highly beloved designer that has the most crazy outfits. To pull of her costume simply find a tutu, some striped leggings or stockings, and a bright top. Along with that find some crazy jewelery and an insane looking updo.

6. For those who love Honey Boo Boo the costume is quite simple. This outfit merely requires a pink dress, a pink tutu, some blonde curls and a nice tiara. The best thing about this is, if the outfit doesn’t come out as imagined it can be transformed into something else like a ballerina or even Betsey Johnson.

7. PSY! That’s all that needs to be said, and it is one of the hottest costumes of the season. To dress up like PSY simply get a blue blazer, some black pants, a black bowtie, some hip sunglasses and some black and white dress shoes. Put it all on and dance around doing the dance from Gangnam style all night!

8. For the couple who are looking for just the right costume, why not go as this year’s hottest couple? Kanye and Kim Kardashian. For this outfit there are no bars, it only requires some leather, black and white clothes, chains and of course, for Kim some cleavage or tight clothes.

9. Another simple outfit is to dress up as someone on spring break. For this get a short t-shirt, a bikini to wear under the outfit, some sweatpants, hip sneakers, a few bracelets and some water guns. Make sure to fill up the water guns and use them during the night!

10. ‘The Great Gatsby’ was an amazing movie, so why not dress up as Daisy Buchanan? First, if there are pearls around pull those suckers out! Next, a short dress that is nothing short of amazing is required along with an amazing headpiece, an amazing bracelet, and some glittery shoes and a purse. When doing the make-up don’t go overboard, simple is best, but maybe some glitter is alright.

Go ahead try any of these top fashionable Halloween costumes. Dress up, go out and enjoy the night!

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