There is always that one perfume that is perfect, but the worry is will it always be there or will it go out of style? Well, never fear, there are quite a few classic perfume scents that are never going out of style. They can range from ones that were developed in 1947 and even those who were developed even more recently. They can be from expensive brands to that are more affordable. Here are the top 10.

classic perfume scentsTop 10 Classic Perfumes:

1. Chanel No. 5 needs no explanations, but it was first developed and worn in 1921. This perfume has hints of may rose, jasmine and vanilla and is one of the best scents ever invented.

2. Another one is Shalimar, which was developed by Guerlain. This perfume was first developed in 1925 and is a romantic and light perfume. The smell is achieved by combining rose, vanilla, jasmine and iris. The story behind this perfume is that it was inspired after some Emperor met the love of his life in the Shalimar Gardens.

3. Poision created by Dior. Dior is a famous brand and this one was first developed in 1985, especially for people who were looking for a more spicy smell. Tuberose and coriander are the main contents of this perfume and is extravagant as well as classic.

4. L’Air Du Temps was developed by Nina Ricci in 1948. This fragrance is classic and feminine as well as very popular. It is sometimes said to be a pure scent and consists of gardenia, sandalwood, rose, and musk.

5. Classique was created and launched by Jean Paul Gaultier. If the scent doesn’t draw the wearer in the bottle will, which is shaped like a corset. This is a playful, yet classic scent that is made of pear, orange, rose and orchid.

6. Another Chanel perfume is Coco Mademoiselle and it was developed in 2001. The scent is elegant, light yet stunning. This perfume was intended to be a tribute to Chanel and is now one of the hottest perfumes of the line. It is made of jasmine, vanilla, mandarin and morning rose.

7. Opium was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1977. This perfume creates evocative pictures and is one of the most popular scents. The scent was said to be like falling in love, but through smell.

8. Estee Lauder created Youth Dew and so far over 250 million bottles of this perfume have been sold. This perfume is both luxurious yet crisp and is on every woman’s wish list.

9. Eau Dynamisante was developed by Clarins back in 1987 and took the world by storm. This fragrance was the first to be developed using aromatic essential oils and nothing else. This perfume not only gives a beautiful scent, but it also has benefits for the skin. It is made up of rosemary, lemon and orange scents.

10. Calvin Klein Euphoria is one of the best scents from the company. This is a unique scent, which combines violet, pomegranate, mahogany, and amber.

Why choose classic perfumes?

There are many reasons to choose any one of these classic scents. However, the biggest reason is that they are not likely to go out of style any time soon and then there will be no need to look for a new scent.

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