Fashion should be complemented in accordance with the season. Hence you must be aware about your attire when season transforms into chill weather. Chill wind and blizzards can make your exposed skin damaged. On this note you must be aware about the fact that this circumstance can make you experience to suffer from frostbite within just 30 minutes. Even the extreme condition can linger upto hypothermia.

The most important arena to focus on this occasion is to stay warm with proper outfits. But remember that unnecessary layering can make you actually feel colder. Hence here you are being guided with some suggestion that you can keep in mind while choosing your winter attires.

winter fashion mistakes to avoid1. Choosing Wrong Fabric

Selection of the right fabric lies at the top of the priority while discussing on the fashion trends of winter. For snowy weather, cotton fabric will not be the right choice for you. Due to the absorbance feature of cotton, it will retain the snow which will in conclusion lead you to feel little damp from laundry day, whereas the final stage would be hypothermia.

2. Layering with too Many Socks

Misconception of layering with too many socks should be avoided during winter season. Pair of one thick sock or two pairs of thin socks will be enough to make you warm. Unnecessary layering of socks will prevent circulation of your feet which may in reality make your feet colder.

3. Wet Hair

Though debates are there regarding the fact that wet hair can catch cold, it has to be agreed that sporting wet hair make your body temperature low. Though it seems to be very rare occurrence that wet hair can get freeze in frigid temperature. Hence proper conditioning and drying your hair before facing cold is always advisable.

4. Exposing your Skin

Exposed skin at the temperature lower than 15o c may have vulnerable effect of frostbite within few minutes. Therefore covering your fingers with gloves primed with breathable fabrics and having air spacing at the tips of the gloves is recommended. Your face should also be guarded with thick scarf to prevent from the harsh effects of chill wind.

5. Headwear as a Mandatory Part

When the temperature drops down, headwear should be taken as mandatory part to control your body temperature. Uncovered head in the chilly weather will lessen up your body temperature upto 60%. Hence a baseball cap or a knit hat or a winter headband is necessary.

6. High Heels

High heels must be avoided in the winter season to be protected from frostbite. If heel is your office dress code then you can wear boots or sneaker and then swap them with heels while reach your destination.

7. Short Jacket

To stay warm during the winter season you must opt for long jackets instead of short jackets though they are regarded as absolute fashion trends.

8. Stockings

Layering up with stocking will enhance your body warm to be protected in the season of winter.

9. Caring about how you are Looking

Instead of thinking about how you are looking you should focus on your comfort and health. Pull up your warmest jackets, knitting hats and boots to rock the winter.

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