Rocker-chics are sexy, free, badass, and just a little unexpected. Gone are the days of baggy, frumpy grunge costumes or ghoulish caked-on Gothic makeup. Nowadays, fashion followers who like to wear a rock-and-roll aesthetic mix fresh faces with one dramatic feature, then mash up oversized tees and jackets with skin-tight pants and high ankle boots.

1. Black Skinny Jeans

Black Skinny JeansPhoto Credit By:

Whether you prefer coated, mineral-washed, shredded, or plain, you just can’t rock-and-roll without a trusty pair of skinny black pants.

2. Studded Boots

Every girl needs both knee-high and ankle boots in their closet, but a studded pair of boots will do wonders for giving your wardrobe an edgy vibe.

3. Shredded Denim Shorts

Shredded, vintage-esque denim shorts were all the rage this summer, and – as all trendy girls know – they can last throughout the fall when worn over an opaque pair of black leggings or tights.

4. A Cropped Leather Jacket

cropped leather jacketPhoto Credit By:

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to score a fantastic-looking cropped leather jacket.

5. A Little Grunge Dress

Channel the ’90s and find yourself a versatile grunge-style dress. Look for skater cuts, floral patterns, or dresses made from lace or velvet.

6. Rocker Chic Makeup

The key to looking rock star chic is to not look like you’re trying too hard. That’s why when it comes to makeup, looking a little undone is all the rage.

7. A Corset Top

corset topPhoto Credit By:

Part of having a rocker-chic ensemble is looking sexy. Therefore, a corset top is a must-have, and don’t feel uncomfortable showing a ton of your midsection.

8. Dr. Martens

If there’s one item that you splurge on, make it a classic pair of Dr. Marten combat boots. Can’t bring yourself to drop that kind of cash? Don’t worry – there are tons of lookalikes out there too!

9. Edgy Jewelry

Some well-stacked edgy jewelry can make all the difference in making your outfit look intentional and awesome rather than haphazard.

10. A Flannel Shirt

If you don’t own a flannel shirt yet, stop what you’re doing and pick one up immediately! These babies are cozy, warm, and can be styled so many different ways.

11. Rock Star Sunglasses

rock star sunglassesPhoto Credit By:

Whether you stayed out late at a concert or not, every good rock-and-roll girl needs to have a huge pair of sunglasses readily available.

12. Concert Tees

Concert t-shirts are a staple for girls with rock-and-roll style. The great thing is that they’re available everywhere, you’ll never run out of inexpensive places to pick up band tees.

13. A Signature Hat

The look of a Panama, bowler, or Heisenberg-esque hat with, well, pretty much anything. Break out of your comfort zone and wear one today!

14. Canvas Sneakers

Converse, the comfiest shoes on the market and canvas shoes have such a cool, model-off-duty vibe to them.

15.  A Denim Jacket

denim jacketPhoto Credit By:

One of those cool denim jackets with Sherpa-esque lining on the collars and cuffs is what you need. Jacket is incredibly cool in a rock-and-roll throwback sort of way.


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