To inspire your fashion trends as well as knowledge, the film industry has evolved with various fashions oriented films. You may find some biographical angel in these films whereas some will offer comic look of the fashion world.

To honor the world of fashion as well as to have a look to the colorful characters of these fashions related films, you must go through with experience of watching these films. Here you are being listed with some of the fashion related films that can really have great impact on your fashion trends.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

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Released in 2006 and directed by David Frankel, this film is all about a naive young woman who came to New York and got engaged in city’s biggest magazine editor as the assistant.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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This movie, released in 1961 can be identified as an American romantic comedy movie casted with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Blake Edwards was the director of this fashion inspired movie and it was on the rampage by Paramount Pictures.

3. The September Issue

Directed by R. J. Cutler, the movie named The September Issues can be regarded as a documentary film based on fall fashion issues of 2007. The film was started by Anna Wintour, Sarah Brown, Hamish Bowles and Charles Churchward.

4. Confessions of a Shopaholic

This movie was released in 2009 and the director of this film was P. J. Hogan. This movie was inspired from novels of Shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella. Isla Fisher, the main character of the movie acted as shopaholic journalist and Hugh Dancy acted as her boss. This movie also comes under roof of American romantic comedy movie.

5. Sex and the City

Another most popular fashion inspired movie is Sex and the City. Famous Michael Patrick king was the director and the film was released in 2008. This movie was based on the story of a New York writer about her sex and love with whom she finally got engaged in the devotional bonding of marriage.

6. Valentino: The last Emperor

Another documentary movies which comes under the roof of best fashion based movie to watch. The story of the movie reflects the life of legendry fashion designer Valentino and it was directed by Matt Tyrnauer.

7. Funny Face

Funny face released in 1957 and directed by Stanley Donen is all about the transformation of an intellectual bookshop clerk into a perfect look for a new campaign with dramatic gowns and romantic scenes.

8. The Women

A movie of 2008 was produced, written and directed by Diane English. It can be treated as the updated version of a film directed by George Cukor in the era of 1939 based on a play of 1936.

9. Clueless

The movie Clueless of 1995 is based on the novel Emma written by Jane Austen in 1815. It was directed by Amy Heckerling.

10. Coco before Chanel

coco before chanelPhoto Credit By:

The director, Anne Fontaine showed the life of a poor bar performer who in later turns into milliner as a creator of famous fashion house.


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