With new fashion techniques coming up every day, it’s hard to select just one, especially when there are so little days to go outside your home. Well, there is no need to break your head trying to figure out what your new diva style will be, because the bohemian chic style is here to make your look absolutely stunning.

It’s the new ‘It’ fashion of this season. Here are some tips that you can glam up the boho chic look, effortlessly.

boho chic


It does tend to become a huge bother when you keep your hair open all summer long doesn’t it? Well, take advantage of the situation. Wear an up-do and introduce the hair feather extensions to your look. They look extremely quirky and go with any and every dress you wear.

Fringe Bags

What is a boho look without a fringe bag? Fringe bag have a way of making any style look bohemian cool. From being flirty and playful to being brightly colored and fashionable, a fringe bag is everything that you need as an accessory. Play with different colors and style and definitely go for the fringed cross body bags.

Beaded Bangles and Bracelets

Replace all your gold and diamonds with beads. They are cheap and effortless when it comes to fashion. They have the power to turn any bland outfit into a fashion diva. The bohemian pattern welcomes the idea of bright colors and patterns. The best part about this look is that there is no “too many accessories” or “too much color”, so dress all you want.

Quirky DIY Boots

Here’s a challenge; find an old pair of boots or grab it form one of the old thrift shops. After that, adorn it with any and every printed fabric you find and that includes old belts and bangles. The best part about it, you don’t need to think whether something would work or not. Everything works!

The Dress

The Bohemian look is all about the flowy dress. Keep your shorts and tees in your wardrobe for some time and pull out that pretty white dress of yours. Remember, the dress needs to be light, airy and needs to have a belt. Laces and beads do much wonder to your outfit.

Rings and Necklaces

Once again, embrace the beads. Pull out all the large chunky jewelry that you could never wear with your jeans and shorts. This is all about experimenting and enjoying. Be as quirky as possible. Be as crazy as possible. No one is going to say you look out of fashion.

Hemp Barefoot Sandals

Okay, last but not the least; never miss out on the hemp sandals. If you need to look like a boho chic at your next bonfire, then these are your best friend. You can definitely try to purchase some excellent set of barefoot sandals, but always try to make your own. They are super fun and they reflect your hard work.

Photo Credit By: zmalfashion.com



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