Most women love shopping and most of them and there is a lot to shop for when you are doing to it for the fall season. Sweaters, cardigans, jackets, scarves, coats and many more to save you from the chill of the air but at the same time, they should be stylish and chic. Here is a list of the few fall season essentials that you definitely should have before the start of the season.

1. The Full Parka

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This is something that you should definitely have as these can be worn in a variety of ways and you can wear them, not only in the fall season but also when the temperature starts to drop further. Roll up your sleeves and wear the parka during the beginning of the fall season with easy dresses and pair it up with thick trousers later during the winters.

2. Classic Blazer

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Blazers are something that are sure to stay to fashion forever and are something we can be worn to make you look stylish, provided you are wearing the right one. These can be worn on both formal and informal events and are light and comfortable. You can wear it with a t-shirt and also wear it with a shirt. Team it up with a sweater during the winters.

3. Lightweight Scarves

Scarves can change the way you look and take your sense of style to a new level. You can wear them anywhere and everywhere and even if you choose to wear a bland dress, a nice scarf can make you look stylish and fashionable.

4. Fall Booties

If you do not have one of these pairs, then it is time that you have one as these are comfortable and perfect not only for the fall season but also the winters and would surely keep your feet warm. In fact, you can also wear them in the summers. These can also be worn with different types of attire.

5. Leather Pants

Want to look sexy? Then get yourself a pair of black leather pants in this fall season.

6. The Sweater

Oversized sweaters look great but make sure that it fits your shoulder perfect. You will come across many colors and you can of course more than one to wear with different bottoms. You can team this up with the fall booties.

7. Smock Dress

These dresses are baggy and very comfortable but can be worn only during the beginning of the fall season. Wear them with tights and high boots to create a great style statement.

8. Leather Skirts

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The boho styled leather skirts look great and there might be two leather items on the list, both are equally stylish and ‘in-fashion’. You can even wear these to work.

9. Everyday Blouses

Easy and flowy blouses can be worn just about in any season. There are available in varieties of color and every girl should have as many as possible. Wear them to your office to wear them to a party, they look just great and are very comfortable.


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