What is in fashion today may not be in fashion tomorrow. Trend is something that comes and go and it is said that no matter what you wear, you should feel comfortable in wearing it and not just buy something based on current trends and fashion.

And there are many ugly fashion fads that just refuse to go and there are no reasons behind it. There are certain attires that you know are just not in fashion but you have your own reasons for holding to them. 8 ugly summer trends that we just won’t quit wearing are:

1. Pool Slides

Most of you have one of these pair and that is not because they look great but because they are so very comfortable. These are something that can be worn with a variety of attires and that is another reason why many you do not want to say goodbye to it.

2. Baggy Boyfriend Jeans

baggy boyfriend jeansPhoto Credit By: posh24.com

Most fashionistas hope that the boyfriend jeans are not made a part of the jeans family and that people are ready to send it to the fashion graveyard. But they are just comfortable. They roomy and they baggy and they have so much space that for the world, they seem like sweat pants. Who exactly cares about fashion when you are so comfortable?

3. Mega Maxi Dresses

mega maxi dressesPhoto Credit By: lookbookstore.co

These fit as a nightgown and these just do not highlight your curves. These feel great as these are soft and offer a lot of space and perfect for hot and sultry summers. These are something that you can even sleep it and there is nothing better than a maxi for curling up on the couch.

4. Tevas

tevasPhoto Credit By: thesadderbutwisergirl.com

These open styled shoes bring back many memories of our childhood and these are perfect for your beach holidays. You can even wear them with all your casual outfits and once you strap them, you will surely appreciate them.

5. Uggs

Uggs are Australian sheepskin boots that are more than comfortable and they came into fashion many years back and there are few women who just refuse to let them go and if you are amongst them, it is time that you replace them with something new. They are very ugly.

6. Overalls

Overalls were something that we loved in our middle schools and we still love them and you surely have this one in your wardrobe. These are easy to wear and super comfortable and these surely are still your best choice for the lazy weekends.

7. Harem Pants

This hybrid variety of a skirt and pant is very comfortable and has been in fashion for many years but still refuse to go.

8. Crocs

Okay…these definitely do not look ugly but they are definitely not in fashion. They are super cute and they are available in numerous colors. It is just a way of telling the world that you really do not care about the latest fashion trend as long as you are comfortable and happy with what you are wearing.


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