Engagements are one of the most auspicious occasions in one’s life. They mark the coming together of two souls into one. Hence, the moment needs to be captured in the most magical way possible. But, having a good photographer or good lighting isn’t everything for taking a beautiful picture.

The trick also lies in what you and your partner are wearing. This is because, what you are wearing is likely going to summaries how comfortable you feel while moving around or how compatible both of you look.

Here are 10 quirky outfit ideas that you need to follow in order to have an epic photograph of your engagement moments.

1. Highlight your Shoes

Have a simple background with neutral colors like a country side location is the key for this photo. Wear a neutral color dress and bright pop colored shoes, give a pose that highlights the shoe and you are all done.

2. Show off the Jewelries

If you are taking a close up, then it is always safe to add a standout statement necklace that adds interest to the background but also gives the necessary stage to your ring.

3. Accentuate your Best Assets

accentuate your best assetsPhoto Credit By: fabsugar.com

If you have a part of the body, like your legs, you are intent on highlighting, go for it. Wear a dress with shorter hemline and then highlight your legs even more by wearing neutral pumps.

4. Dress According to the Surrounding

dress according to the surroundingPhoto Credit By: fabsugar.com

If your photo shoot requires you to be active or playful; dress accordingly. Having neutral attire would be too boring. Instead dawn some pretty colors and prints.

5. Coordinate With your Partner

coordinate with your partnerPhoto Credit By: fabsugar.com

While you shouldn’t look like twins in the photo, having a certain color family on both of you makes the photograph look even and balanced. Don’t wear too bold when your partner wears neutral and vice versa.

6. Wear Things that Flow

A flowy dress can always add a little of that magic and dreamy feel from the right angles. Spice up a bit by wearing asymmetrical hemlines and laces.

7. Prefer to Stand Out

Having a bit of bright colors on you while you have a subtle background can always do wonders to your photo. This also works when your partner wears something in the shade of black.

8. Play up your Girlie Side

Being all girlie isn’t too bad sometimes. Play up the classic romance of a shot with a lot of girlie and ladylike silhouettes like a full skirt or a fit and flare dress. They look even better when you move.

9. Dress Up Gorgeously

If you are feeling extremely gorgeous, don’t be afraid to pull out your fancy cocktail dress. A richly hued arty dress works wonders when placed beside your man’s black and white tuxedo. It’s all about looking stunning after all.

10. Channel your Wedding Day Look

You can of course choose bright colors, but there is something else to a white gown being a bridal foreshadow of your wedding day.


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