Every office and organization have some dress code that needs to be followed, and while it is immensely maddening which shade of grey you should wear; you also need to keep in mind what not to wear to work. It’s the basic idea of being sized up with the first glance.

If you catch someone starring at you for more than 6 seconds without turning away or blinking their eyes, you know they are judging you. And whether it is just or unjust, people often treat you like how they think you look in your attire, so being in the proper one is of utmost importance, especially if you work in the corporate world.

Following is a list of things you should never wear to work.

1. Flip Flops

flip flopsPhoto Credit By: flatstoflipflops.com

This is one foot item; you should never wear to work even in your wildest dream. Perhaps it’s the clippity clop of the heels or the nonchalant portrayal of bare feet, either way; it gets on everybody’s nerves.

2. Wrinkled Shirt

It has everything to do with the portrayal of a man’s personality. A man with wrinkled shirt just makes everything of you look shabby. Do a favor, gift yourself a steam iron.

3. Low Waist Pants

low waist pantsPhoto Credit By: wrangler.com

This isn’t your average party or a visit to the zoo, so its eticate enough to hide your body or the branded underwear that you are wearing underneath with a high waist trouser or a long shirt.

4. Flashy Jewelry

Again, you are not going to the party but to work. Here, the less flashy you are, the more attractive you look. Keep away from dangling jewelry, especially the ones which catch light or can be heard from a thousand miles away.

5. Sneakers

sneakersPhoto Credit By: selectism.com

Of all the things that can go wrong, athletic footwear have a tendency to turn your career into a dry sock, leave all your sneakers in the gym for now.

6. Too Much Make Up

This one too. Heavy make up only works for the office workers in movies and television shows: not in real life. So all your electric blue eye shadows and mascaras need to stay back at your house.

7. Repeated Clothes

Whatever you do, no matter how much rain it poured the other day, or the laundry was closed for an entire week, do not wear the same things from yesterday. Always, always have an extra pair of clothes at your disposal. This way, you are rescuing colleagues from being greeted by you olfactorily.

8. Fishnets

fishnetsPhoto Credit By: thisnext.com

Just hoping, you have never worn this to work before. If you have, this isn’t the same workplace you are working at now, is it?

9. Graphic T Shirts

Always avoid graphic T-shirts that have a message to say. Whether it makes political, religious or crude statements, its best to avoid wearing them. Who knows whose sentiment you might hurt?

10. Heavy Perfume

Stay clear of perfumes, aftershave and colognes that can be smelled from a 50 meter radius. It has a psychological effect on people who think you might actually smell unbearable without it.


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