Summer is the season which brings forth a sweet and sour concoction of outdoor activities and painstaking heat. Daytime parties in summer season require an explicit outlook so that you may cherish every party moments while bracing the scorching heat.

One of the important essentials of this summer-fashion trend includes the summer special hairstyles hand-picked by the fashion experts for your complete make-over. This article provides you with an array of chicest cuts of summer adopted by the Hollywood’s brightest luminaries to craft your outlook into the dazzling diva from dawn to dusk.

10 Hair Trends to try this Summer

The following hair updos are show-stopping tricks of the contemporary fashionistas, made available in order to revamp your summer splendor:

1. Ballroom updo

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This classy outlook is The one for weddings and evening formal parties. To get this hair updo, blow dry volume spray foam into damp hair. Curl your hairline with the help of ½ curling iron and start plaiting your hair loosely. Twist it into a flat chignon and pin the locks in place. Pull out some curls along the hairline. Flowers and golden ornaments accent this ethereal hairstyle magnificently.

2. Side Swept Waves

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This hairstyle is best fit for weekend getaways as it exudes an edgy yet feminine look provoking the aesthetic senses of the beholder. A volume spray was worked into sections of hair and dried. The curls were gently loosened with fingers. The parting was pressed to the side roughly and conditioner was applied for a post-beach look.

3. Straightened, off-duty twist

A wearable substitute for polka straight hair, this sleek hairstyle with help you to use the summer humidity at your advantage. Prepare your hair with a good quality oil-shampoo and conditioner and apply Leave-in Treatment to separate lengths of hair. Then blow-dry and brush for a smooth and shiny hair.

4. Bended Texture and Attitude

This hair updo is perfect from beach to bar and delivers a smart, versatile look. Apply volume pumping spray in generous amount throughout the length. And part your hair in the center. Pull back the rest of the hair behind your shoulders, twist and clip locks of hair to the head. After drying your hair, tie your hair into loose ponytail and thereafter blast with hairdryer. Pull out random segments to deliver an undone finish to your hair.

5. Vintage Summer updo

To add a vintage spice to late night parties, this is the perfect hair updo. This 70s inspired asymmetric hairstyle comprises of collected curls pinned to a side in a double French twist.

6. Offside Ponytail

This is an effortless yet classic updo wearable in manifold places: from workout to brunch. This constitutes of a parting emerging from the mid-eye level and a low ponytail tied with elastic band.

7. Festival Braids

This is a versatile braided hairstyle fit for festivals and related celebrations. Pull the hair backwards and section-off the front and top parts, parting an ‘under section’. Form two braids starting from the scalp and away from the ear and straighten the remaining sectioned-off hair. Pin the braids above the ear and release the pins when the hair is set.

8. The Shiny Side

This hairstyle is suitable from boardroom to bar and constitutes deep side parts along with smooth and shiny finish. The hair is teased at the crown to add volume and glamour to the 70s inspired hair updo.

9. Bold Hair Accessories

This is suitable for neighborhood garden parties. The main objective of this hair updo is to keep the hair simple and influence the hair accessories to speak for itself. You can use a bow made from black neoprene fabric in order to exude a blend of both femininity and muscularity.

10. Modern Pageboy

modern pageboyPhoto Credit By:

This is a smart hairstyle which is created by pushing the frontal bangs off, behind the ears. The short length grants you a cool confident look.

The above hairstyles are the top-rated hair updos recommended by the professionals to provide you with exquisite summer-season hairstyles and be the diva of the party from dusk to dawn.


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