The do it yourself wacky ideas about jewelry are being practiced by more and more people around the world with many innovative and cool ideas that surely rock with every attire style. The following do it yourself jewelry ideas are no less and can be performed in a matter of few minutes. You would definitely not need to spend a fortune on the items because all that you need are probably there somewhere in your home.

This is a fun way to be economic as well as fashionable at the same time. So the next time someone asks you where you bought that jewelry from, you can simply say “I made it” and walk away with a smirk.

DIY jewelry ideas

Fishtail Braid Bracelet

For this, all you need are few fun colored chords and bracelet ends. Now choose 4 unrelated colors and fix them together at one end with a bracelet end. Start doing tight knit fishtails from one end to the other. Measure it with your wrist and then cut the band accordingly. Fix the other end inside another bracelet end.

Chain Hair Tie

You would need finger length chains and colorful hair ties. Bend the hair tie in the middle to get two ends on either side. Insert them at two corners of the chain and press the end.

Neon Gem Necklace

Collect few neon colored gems that are used for embroidery. Then cut a piece of fabric according to the design you want your necklace base to have. Start by fixing the gems on the base with a specific design. Attach a chain at the end.

Wire Bow Ring

Get a hold of a 2 mm thick wire and pliers. Bend the wire from the middle in the shape of a ring that fits your finger, leaving the ends dangling out. Now bend the ends to form a bow on top of the ring.

Ribbon Necklace

Start stitching a ribbon from the centre, the needle sailing up and down. After you have reached a desired length, pull the string from one end so that the ribbon bends down to form a sort of frills. Tie it to a chain at the two ends.

Beads Earrings

Get a hold of two to three bead strings. Place them side by side and start interweaving them together. Give as much twists and turns as possible and then bring the end back to the starting point. Fix them together inside a dangler.

Clay Beads Necklace

Make small spheres from clay moulds. Then insert a toothpick from the centre and tie chords all around them. After that, fix them with a chain and some more bead strings to finish it.

Newspaper Necklace

Cut thin long straps of colorful magazine and start spinning them around a stick, till it forms a disc. Create a handful of them, either of same color or different and tie them together with strings.

Fork Ring

Take the measurement of your ring and cut a fork end according to that length. Now with the help of a plier just bend it to form a ring.

Knot Bracelet

Take two or three thin leather strips and start knotting them till the end. Fix chains at the two end and you are good to go.

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