You can always burn with envy at the illegible hair makeovers which adorn your favorite celebrities. Their manifold of versatile hairstyles offer them a new look every season.

While they successfully set fire to the fashion trends and be the show-stopper of every public conference, you keep wondering the key to such magnificently prudish hairstyles and desperately hunt for professional advices for the same. Well, this article provides you with exactly what you want!

10 Radical Celeb Hair Makeovers

Hair updos can grant you a complete new look, provided you know the precise steps and some important guidelines. Here are some celebs with jaw-dropping hairstyles which are arrayed below for your consideration:

1. Ginnifer Goodwin Hair updo

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This beautiful small-town sweetheart made a complete makeover by growing out her short frontal bangs and straightening the runaway curls. This gave her a hairstyle fit for her round-face and elevated her styling sagacity to a big-screen actress.

2. Nicole Richie Hairstyle

This dazzling woman underwent a transformation of hairstyle from streaky and straggly to comforting blonde with long strands of coarse layers and soft bangs on the forehead. This not only revolutionized her looks but also heightened the beauty of her facial structure.

3. Katie Holmes New Look

This eminent actress successfully altered her hairstyling choice by adopting the sharp-angled bob cut, which added volume to her hair and sophisticated her looks.

4. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

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This celebrity with her overwhelmingly ravishing looks showed the world that you do not always need a pair of scissors to reconstruct your outlook. A bottle of blonde hair color did the magic to her looks.

5. Beyonce Hair updo

By getting rid of tight curls and by losing her bangs, this megastar did wonders to her looks as the new hair updo elicit her facial structure and hence her splendor to inexplicable extent.

6. Jonus Brothers New Look

From the bushy hair, they have groomed themselves into heart-throbbing trio by cutting off the extra inches from the top layers of hairs. This unravels the elegance in their looks.

7. Hilary Clinton Hair updo

After she vetoed the customary headband and disclosed the power of golden highlights and layered cuts, the commoners were enlightened upon the essentialities of makeover.

8. Chelsea Clinton Makeover

She made a drastic change to the entire facial format by modifying her tight ringlets and blowing out to straighten her hair. This appends a specific pattern and alters her getup to a different level.

9. The Julia Makeover

Even a legendary woman as Julia Roberts feels the need to dress-up her hair to elicit new looks. From tight curls in 1990, she dramatically modifies her hairstyle to loosely hanging, soft curls, thus enriching the radiance in her looks.

10. Demi Lovato Hairstyle

This hair chameleon pop star has radically changed her hairstyle to color it pink. Then, she shaved the lateral parts of her head and chopped it to form layered bob with tips dyed purple.

The newest celebrity trends listed above may give you a bird’s eye view of the on-going hair makeovers. The hair professionals will be able to provide you with a better insight to the pattern and procedures to achieve your own hairstyle.


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