The greater part of our most loved heading women made an exceptionally elegant passage, yet who do YOU think wore the best look of the night? Following is a list of femme fatales that changed the way we viewed the Met Gala 2014.

Blake Lively in Gucci

blake livelyPhoto Credit By:

Jaws truly dropped when Blake Lively stepped onto celebrity lane in this outfit. As Ryan Reynolds very well put it in front of André Leon Talley, it as if the dress had been “painted onto” his wife. Between the cape and the plunging neckline, nothing was left to the imagination. SO there is no way she will miss the first place in this list.

Emma Stone in Thakoon

emma stonePhoto Credit By:

Not just was it reviving to see a top and skirt on celebrity lane, it was also a fresh start amongst the flowy gowns. The head-to-toe pink was additionally a decent change. This fashionista dependably keeps us on our toes.

Charlize Theron in Dior

Wearing a coat as a cape is a different design all together; we particularly love the way Theron decided to blend such a ladylike dress with a tuxedo coat. The juxtaposition of the two makes for a one of a kind and striking troupe.

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

There are few events when a dress of this nature is suitable, yet the Met Affair beyond any doubt is one of them. The print, volume and uneven neckline all work together to make one announcement making outfit.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta

Sarah Jessica Parker truly diverted Carrie Bradshaw in this over-the-top outfit and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the thing that form ought to look like.

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

victoria beckhamPhoto Credit By:

The monarch of moderation puts forth an alternate defense for toning it down and to its best. The body hugging sheer silhouette, the figure itself and all that white added to the flare.

Georgia Might Jagger in Thierry Mugler

georgia might jaggerPhoto Credit By:

The model is demonstrating a great deal of skin, yet by one means or another it would never appear to be excessive. Perhaps it’s the length of the dress, or her detached waves that assists to adjust things out, yet somehow Jagger figures out how to look both hot and complex.

Kristen Wiig in Balenciaga

This outfit not only sublimed with the whole red carpet look amazingly well, but also was excellent in individual. Wiig’s decision to wear pants naturally made her emerge, however it was the structural dress overtop that made it a genuine masterpiece.

Selena Gomez

selena gomezPhoto Credit By:

As expected from this American actress and singer on the Met Gala, she was adorened with an absolute maroon number that didn’t fail to accentuate her curves. As they say, less is more; Selena Gomez’s simple yet striking body con was the perfect example. That plunging necking and the smoking red lips both added to her Met Gala look.


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