Denims are a classic wardrobe staple for every fashionista this summer. Whether you are into cool denim short or a classic denim vest, there is so many different ways to style them up and every one of them looks sexy. They are also perfect for the warmer weather during the summer where there is minimum space for layering and maximum effort for showing skin.

Here are some absolutely cool and trendy ways to wear your denim without looking out of fashion this summer. These choices should be made based on personal taste however –

ways to wear denim this summer

  • Pair your denim shorts with a romantic lace tops and a gladiator sandal. The lace top along with the neutral tone of your sandals keep the dreamy feel of the denim shorts intact. The overall theme gives off a casual vibe.
  • Wear your denim vests with colorful and solid fill pants. Choose colors like mint green, or lemon yellow that give off a fresh and cute vibe from your look. You may also add wedges or fedora to your outfit for a cool summer look.
  • Denim shorts look funky with a lot of fringe and jewelry. Layer your jewelry with a diverse mix that includes a whole lot of gold, silver, strings and beads. However, do not overdo it, add what looks good while paired together with the rest.
  • Pair your denim vests with a crop top, high waisted short or pants and a cool chic handbag. Nothing spells funkier than this. Put on a stiletto and you are all prepared for a girl’s night out.
  • A matching denim jacket and a half tucked down would do quite some justice to your denim shorts. Polish up the look with a high heel or a sneaker according to your mood. While heels make you look classy and trendy, nothing does casual like a pair of sneakers.
  • A plain solid fill tee and jeans are pretty boring, right? Not anymore! Pair them up with a denim vest and vibrant printed scarf for an instant oomph moment.
  • Put on your favorite graphic printed T-shirt with minimum accessories. Cool sneakers, a smart backpack and dusky eyes would do the rest of your work.
  • People love the mix of denim and black, especially when it is between a vest and an extremely cute dress. Add up bright pop color with the overall get up and see how they brighten up your entire look. You might want to put your ray bans on for this one, because it would look absolutely chic and trendy.
  • Layer your denim vest over a graphic tee and printed skirts. Go for the wild ones, leopard prints and zebra prints do the most justice. Pair it up with boots instead of simple sandals and a sling bag for a more chic and awesome look.
  • A denim vest over a maxi skirt is the cutest thing this summer. Wear a simple top that does not pull the limelight from your skirt.

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