Jumpsuits are a great way of beating the heat and yet stay chic during this summer. The right jumpsuit can be worn anywhere and everywhere, be it in the morning or be it for your late evening dinner plans. It is important that you accessorize it well and it should be according to the event you are about to attend.

Moreover, it is important that you choose the right jumpsuit that fits your perfectly and having done that, you can accessorize with belts, jewelries, shoes, jackets and many more to give the same jumpsuit variety of looks.

accessorizing your jumpsuits


Belt is an inexpensive and simple way to change the way you look wearing a jumpsuit. There are numerous varieties to choose from starting from colors like brown and black to beige and navy.

If you are curvy, it is best to go for wide belts as that you make your waist look slimmer. And if you are small and petite, it is best to go for the skinny ones as the wider belts will make your look smaller.


This is a very important segment of styling your jumpsuit as wearing the right jewelries will enhance your look. You can team up your jumpsuit with necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Layered neckpieces look great with jumpsuits and if you wear just one of these, you do not need to accessorize your jumpsuit further. You can even wear hammered bangles as these are versatile and look great with jumpsuits.

And if you are wearing a jumpsuit that has v-shaped plunging neckline, go for long and dangling earrings and necklaces. You can even wear a nice and elegant ring with a jumpsuit.


If you are planning to wear your jumpsuit to office or for an evening date, then you can wear it with right jacket to give it that formal look. You can pair your jumpsuit with a blazer or a collared jacket to give it a nice professional and yet a stylish look.

Make sure you choose a jacket that is appropriate to the weather you are wearing it in, like for the thinner fabric ones for the summer and the thicker fabric ones for the winters.

Neutral colored jackets can be worn with any jumpsuits and you should look for jackets in black, brown, beige while shopping and stay away from the trendy accents to keep your style contemporary.


These are something that you have to wear, even if you do not wear any other accessories and hence, it is important that you wear the right pair of shoes that goes well with your jumpsuit. It also depends on your body type.

The wedge is a type that goes well with all types and colors of jumpsuits and if you are short, you can go for the longer ones. Stilettos have the same effect, as long as wear a nice one. If you are tall, go for flats and boots should only be worn when your height is right.

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