When it comes to making fashion statements, you may not vote overalls to be the fan favorite. But this is not something that you should shun away completely. The truth is that if you wear it right, this item can turn a lot of heads. And contrary to popular belief this piece of clothing is really not that drab because you can wear it in several ways and break out of the monotony that is mostly associated with this item. Here are a few tips on how to modernize your overall without much effort.

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 Ways to Make overalls Stylish

1. Rather than going for the loose and ill fitting overall try the denim ones that fit you well. In fact you do not have to always opt for blue. There are jeans overalls in various colors and you can pair them up with contrast inners to stun everyone. Make sure that they fit you well so that you are able to flaunt your well toned body and those lovely curves even in something that most people label as drab.

2. You can also try the leather overalls that add some sheen and shine to your look. But make sure that the leather is good quality or you will end up looking slightly weird. Go low on the accessories with this look and just like celebrities do concentrate on the sunglasses and a nice bag keeping your makeup minimalistic.

3. For the summers go for the cotton overalls that are short and come in lovely floral prints. In case you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts and tank tops, this is a great alternative especially because it is a no fuss kind of attire and is light on your body.

4. Try the denim cropped overalls that look super cute with a large tote on your shoulder and bright wedges on your feet.

5. You can actually make a style statement by wearing an overall made of faux leather that is slightly shiny with your hair pulled back in a neat bun, high heels that lend sophistication and a stylish clutch in your hand. Finish off the look with dark red lips and very little makeup

6. You can land up at your friend’s house in a loose fitting overall but be sure to style it with a little bit of spunk. Leave one buckle open on one side and roll up one of the legs. Tie a bandana to your head and team it up with comfortable converses.

7. You can go for the scalloped edged overalls that add some class to your look and finish it off with a heave neck piece.

8. For the summer evening that are best spent shopping with your best friend, opt for the floral printed chiffon overalls that are loose and airy.

Important Tips

Choose the correct type of footwear with overalls. If you go for full length overalls, avoid high boots. You need ankle length well fitted overalls or short ones for the boot. The material of the item also defines the type of shoes you need to wear.

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