Women have been wearing pants for several decades now but most of you may be confines to wearing only a couple of styles. This summer you can try something different and replenish your wardrobe with several pant styles so that your look is never the same.

These styles are so different from each other that even if you decide to wear pants each day to work, you will not look the same and people will admire your diversity.

dhoti pants

Trendy Pant Styles Just For You

  • Rugged Pants that are not jeans are always a good option to keep. These are the corduroys that can substitute a pair of jeans for some time.
  • Slim fit pants in comfortable material can never go wrong especially if you have selected the right colors. While black or white are the safe options but you can try them in bold colors that are bright and make your skin looks better. Head for the office after party without thinking twice.
  • Party pants: These are similar to the former variant but these come in prints and several material. Remember not to wear them to offices. The silhouette can be slim, bunchy at the high waist and loose near the hips while flowing down till the ankle or totally straight in cut but in a breezy material.
  • Ankle length pants for office are a must have for every woman. These are the no nonsense types, perfectly tailored, no fuss with slim pockets and in subtle colors. They are mostly fitted and end at the ankle.
  • Printed pants for a casual party.
  • Bell bottoms with front pockets: These were the craze during the 60’s and the 70’s and still have an old age charm. They look great if you have a good height and if you can pair them with bright color and polka dotted tops.
  • Leather skinny pants must be there in your wardrobe as this season needs more than cotton and linen. The leather pants are fitted, come in bright colors and look great when you team them up with lovely contrast boots.
  • Jeans of all sorts never lose their value. These are your best friends and you can always rely on them. Buy a fitted pair that taper down your legs, and also buy a pair of boyfriend jeans. You will need various cuts for various occasions. While blue is the staple, you can invest in colors as well.
  • You can consider leggings to be pants if you wear them with skirts, long tops, tunics or a short dress. They are comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Dhoti pants are an Indian way of mixing the age old attire of dhoti with a pant. From the waist to the knees, these pants are bunchy and layered and taper down towards the end. They are available in several colors and can be a great option for the summer evenings when you do not want a tight fit jeans or a skirt.

Photo Credit By: utsavsarees.co.uk


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