The down side of fashion trends is that they change every season and every year. So if you are keen to be part of the high fashion group then make sure no to spend too much on just one style and look.

Thankfully there is one fashion trend that returns every summer and that is that splash of neon. These bright colors stand out, make you look vibrant and even give you the look as if you have a tan. You can follow some of these simple tips to flaunt neon in a very stylish way.

neon in wardrobe can be fun

Flaunt Neon in Your Look

  • Shoes speak volumes about your personality. So give it some neon! Get those bright neon green/orange shoes or you can keep your shoes simple but use neon color shoe laces. You will surely make heads turn !
  • Get hold of some neon shorts or short skirts. The neon pink is a great hit for the one who like to keep things young and colorful.
  • Summers and springs mean a lot of light scarves. Make sure that your scarf has some neon in it. But remember not to wear an all out neon scarf. That can make you look like HAZ-MAT.
  • If you dare to be different, then try the neon color jackets. The lemon green neon in the form of a light jacket will not only add oomph to your look, but will make you look like a million dollar when you whiz past in your cool bike.
  • Liven up the party in a loose yet comfortable neon full sleeve. When the lights get dim and the mood is on you will be the only one people will be looking at. That is called being the party hit!
  • When the pool parties run late and the sun sets while everyone is still game for some more fun, set the party on fire in your neon two-piece swim suit with a see-through cover-up. That peak of color can be more sensuous than a full view of color. But if you are in a mood for some direct approach then try something like a neon color bustier with a pair shorts.
  • Guys can also be the talk of the town with a swimming trunk that will glow. Make sure that they are short and you have worked on your abs and your calves. It will make girls swoon!

Neon Add-On

Other than clothes try the following:

  • Neon color nail polish. They look great and are very eye catching.
  • Get neon color phone covers. As an accessory it is great.
  • You can get a wallet or purse that either has a patch of neon on it or is totally the bright hue.
  • Your sunglasses can also be neon color or just the frame can brighten things up.
  • Try neon belts with an otherwise somber color dress. It adds character and lets people know that you too have a wild side.

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