Though most of you may not agree with me, but I still feel that women’s fashion is somehow influenced by men. The dresses and the heels and the makeup that most women associate themselves with are a man’s doing.

It is the quintessential man who is attracted to a woman in lace and frills and makeup and thus the fairer sex adheres to these lines. But there are also those women who emulate the fashion sense of men and incorporate it in their own wardrobe. If you are the adventurous type then these fashion tips can be interesting.

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What Tips can you (a Lady) take from a Fashionable Man’s Diary?

  • Without a doubt you can follow the office wear dress code of a fashionable man. The well cut suits, the perfectly tailored trousers and the well fitted shirt can find a place in your wardrobe… only in your size and make. You will look swank in these clothes and with your attitude add a dollop of oomph!!!
  • You may not be a Pharell hat fan, but you surely cannot ignore the attraction of it. While some of you may think of it is as dramatic and filmy when you see a well dressed man walk down the street in one of those, it can have a totally different look on you ladies. Imagine trotting down the street in well fitted office gear, high heels and a Pharell. You are a killer already!
  • In casual clothes nothing beats a hoodie. It is good for all seasons. Most men have understood the comfort quotient in the hoodie and have made it a part and parcel of their lives. You too can go for them and now these items come in colors like pink and yellow too.
  • Men take comfort very seriously and that is the reason they live in their jeans that are not too tight. You can sometimes decide to wear such jeans and to you they will be boyfriend jeans. Not only does it give you breathing space, but it also adds some amount of cozy look to you. These loose jeans paired with equally comfortable sweatshirts are great for comfortable evenings.
  • Every time you head out to Walmart you do not need to dress up. A pair of pajamas, a comfortable T-shirt and socks with slippers can do. Sounds like the guy you live with? Well it actually is comfortable!
  • You tees need not all be about lovely messages or glitter. Try the geometric patterns. There are those that come with geometric lines across pin stripes and they do look good on men and thus it definitely would on you!
  • If you like sweaters then try the ones that men adore. They come in optical prints and look quite good. You will shine!
  • Heavy boots are famous among men and they love it for the tenacity of it. You can also try them and see how they work for you.

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