There are several debates about who a hipster is. Well the definition is diverse and a little complicated. The traditional hipster is an artist who values life and works towards improving its quality. So their clothes did not reflect money but had a message. They were not show offs and were quite learned.

There was some madness and wildness in the spirit of a hipster who lived in the 50’s and the 60’s. But today a hipster is different. They just dress to be one of them and that is evident from their carriage. The clothes are bizarre, the accessories and odd and today’s media is not sympathetic or supportive of them.

But if you are true hipster then there are few clothing basics that will definitely be there in your wardrobe. Here… take a look!

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Clothes to Prove that you are a Hipster

  • Bucket hats are a must. They just scream ‘hipster’. There is something very homey about the cap and it does not distract you for a second.
  • You are also quite at élan in your beanie and you can pull them off with almost anything you wear. Sign of a true hipster!
  • If you like that pair of converse that you have worn for ages and still do not want to give it away, then you are already a member of the club. Those converses will have to be dead beat, faded and maybe even worn out at a few places.
  • It is all about being cool and flannel shirts are just as cool as they get. You need one… preferable in a color that is dull. But the trick to wearing it is just letting the shirt hand from your body. Do not button it up so wear something like a banyan inside.
  • You have glasses and those are too big for your face. Well, we know that you are a true hipster. Be it the ordinary glasses or the goggles that you love… when both are oversized, it means that you have the true hipster soul.

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  • Some call them galluses some of you call them suspenders. But the bottom line is that if you have them in your trousers or your skirt or even your shorts, then you are one of them.
  • Those small backpacks that ride up your back are there in your house and you can fit almost anything in them. There is no doubt that you are a hipster.
  • Of course you do not like to waste anything and that is what your league does. So it makes perfect sense when you show up in those frayed jeans shorts that are made from that pair of jeans which you accidentally ripped off at the bottom.
  • While your mom may be upset that your bra is hanging out of your tee due to those huge arm holes, she will never know the fashion statements of a hipster.
  • And last but not least if you care to dye your hair to a pastel shade then you have passed the ‘am I a hipster’ test with flying colors!


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