There are many fashion tips that a big bust woman should follow as while big bust might often seem to be something that is desirable, it is really difficult to find clothes that fit the chest and does not put it in display more than what it is already. Women with big busts often find it challenging to find formal dresses as the blazers and button-down as these are made for women with small breasts. It is important to follow the latest trend and yet look for options that flatter (not highlight) your prized possessions. Here, there are a few fashion tips for you, if have large busts that might come handy, when you go shopping.

1. Love the Wrap

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Wrap dresses are something that you surely should have in your wardrobes. Be it wrap dress or a wrap top, it can actually work wonder for your large busts and enhance their look.

2. Opt for Separates than Dresses

It is a common myth that if you have large busts, you should wear dresses rather than separates. But the truth is that separates always look better on you as sometime having a large chest means, your top and bottom sizes are different and hence, it is really difficult to get a dress that fits your perfectly, unless of course, you get it stitched from your tailor. Instead, go for separates and match tops and bottoms with solid colors.

3. Avoid High Neckline and Halternecks

This is a very important tip for you. Wearing high necklines can give you the appearance of having one boob and that is something that is not flattering to anyone. So, make sure of avoiding high necklines and turtlenecks. The same is true for halternecks as these would make your busts look bigger and it is difficult to find a good supportive bra for the same. V-necks work great and make your busts look smaller by creating an expanse between your neck and busts.

4. Motorcycle jackets

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These look great on you and this is something that you should also have in your wardrobe. The overlapping fabric on the jacket falls on your breasts when worn open and gives you an appearance of having smaller breasts. But do not try and zip it up as it would not look nice.

5. Boxy Tops

It is said that boxy tops and the tops that have horizontal stripes are a strict no for large bust women. It is important that look for a boxy top that does not billow out and hangs straight from your chest.

6. Casual and Loose Jeans

Wear loose jeans as that would balance out your large chest. Many girls think that boyfriend jeans are not flattering but that baggy silhouette surely is. Go for the ones that can be worn low on your hips and team it with a slouchy T-shirt that is made from terrycloth or densely woven cotton as these would drape your breasts properly and make them look smaller. These are few fashion ideas that you can implement to make your chest frame look smaller and proportionate.


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