A sarong is one of the most popular, colorful and versatile wraps worn around by both men and women of the pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, and the horn of Africa, South Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.

Likewise, this traditional piece of clothing has gained much popularity around the world and have been extensively used as a sexy beach wrap, beach blankets, wrap around skirts, scarves, shawls and even as a turban.

Here are few of the ways in which you can personalize your own sarong and look gorgeous at the same time.

cool ways to wear a sarong

As A Beach Wrap

The people, who frequent the beaches very often and love to laze around in the rejuvenating sun, wear this as their style statement. In order to wear this, all you need to do is wrap the sarong around your chest, and tie a simple knot on one side of the body. If you want to wear it a little short, just fold your cloth in a triangle and then tie the knots.

As A Halter Neck Dress

Sarongs have a way of making women look sexy if worn as a dress. To make your own style statement, simply wrap your sarong around your chest and then bring the two lose end at the back and tie them in a knot around your neck.

As A Bandeau

Sarongs can also be used to make colorful and trendy bandeau or bikini top. To create the bandeau out of your sarong, all you need to do is just start folding the sarong length wise until it becomes a narrow strip of cloth, thick enough to cover your breasts and keep an extra inch for safety. After that, wrap the sarong around your body and simply tie a knot at the back.

As A One Shoulder Dress

To create a one shoulder dress, first you need to wrap the sarong around your chest. Then gather the remaining lose ends and tie a knot over one of your shoulder, and you are good to go.

As A Side Slit Dress

For this, you need to hold the sarong vertically and wrap it around your boy like a towel. Bring the two lose corners in front and tie it in a knot just above your chest. Then near your waist, bring two of the edges and tie another knot. Finally pull the waist knot to one side of your body so that the slit rests above one of your legs.

As A Draped Dress

Wrap the sarong around your body and then gather the two top corners to tie a lose knot around the back of your neck, leaving it draping in the front. Now, pull one of the edges around the back to cover the back while the other edge is gathered and knotted together at the waist.

As A Jumpsuit

Wrap the sarong around your body while passing it under your arms. Tie the lose corners in a knot around your back. Bring both the lower ends of the sarong from under and in between your legs and tie them near your waist after wrapping it around once.

Photo Credit By: fairwindssarongs


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