Hair can be a woman’s best accessory. If you are one with long hair then you can style it as you like and look lovely. But most of the time the ponytail, the bun or even the simple braid can become boring. It might also be difficult and time consuming, to try some extravagant hair do.

For those times you need some hair style that is easy to do and that you can do alone. The easy trick is to shift the hairdo that you are attempting to the side of your head. That adds some extra charm to your look. Here are some ideas.

Hair styles to the side


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You have been doing a pony tail ever since you were in junior school and now you want something new. Try doing the same pony tail on the side of your head. Add a bright clip and tighten it so that it does not loosen. Leave a strand of hair loose on the side of the pony tail and if possible curl it a little.


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That braid on the back of your head may look prettier now if you did it on the side and left it a little loose. Add some sparkling mini clips throughout your braid and you will look like a doll.


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Your ballet performances meant a neat bun on top of your head. Shift it to the back and one side of your head and add some finishing spray to give it a neat look. Wear a crescent shaped clip to add some contour.


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With your hair styling kit make soft waves in your hair. Now make a side parting and move all those waves to just one side. Use some hair spray to make sure that the waves stay intact.

Sweetheart style

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The sweetheart style is a great one for a summer barbecue. Dry your hair and separate out a strand to start curling. Do not curl right till the top and make sure the curls are tight. Once you have done that to the entire hair, add a head band or a nice ribbon as a hair band. Loosen the bangs a little and tie the curls to one side of your head in a loose pony tail. This 70’s look never fails and is a great hit.

Messy bun

messy bunPhoto Credit By:

You do not need to show that you are in control at all times. The messy bun on one side is good. Tie your hair at the nape and tuck strands of hair like a bun. Set it with hair spray.

Double braid

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The side sweep double braid is also quite in vogue. Pull your hair to one side (say left) and from the bottom of your right ear pull a strand and start braiding it. Once your braid reaches your left ear, band it. Do the same with another strand from the top of your right ear and braid like before. Now pull all the hair to the left and leave it. Set it with hair spray.


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