When there is lack of time and you wish to get a stylish look for your hair; it might call for some expert tips on getting quick and easy hairstyles. Even sometimes you are not able to manage time to give a wash to your hair and you will need to give a look to the hair that does not make it look oily, clumsy or unsettled and that too in a short span of time. To assist you in this situation, here are top 8 quick and easy hairstyles that will need little time but give an elegant and sophisticated look; choose the best one as per your occasion –

1. The Braided Crown

Braided Crown

It is the most popular hairstyle which you have to start with forming a braid on the left side of your hair. Then slowly work on the other side of your head as you move to the new hairs. Protect the braid with an elastic band and use bobby pins to carry on in its place. If you want fuller look, just use your comb’s edge and gently pull the each section of the braid.

2. Classy Low Bun

Classy Low Bun

This sophisticated look is all time favorite for supermodels as well as for office workers. This hair style ensures that your hair will not fall on your face. It enhances your smart and clean look. To start with merely twist your hair into a ball at the back and use elastic or bobby pins so that it remains in its place.

3. Bangs for a day

Bangs for a day

If you want to look like you are just out of a parlor with makeover, you can opt for this hair style. This style can be created using nothing but clip in bang extensions. Find some to complement with your hair color, clip those and pin the hair of your back.

4. Low pony

Low pony

If you are really suffering from lack of time and yet need to look sophisticated, you can opt for low pony which is possibly the simplest hairstyle in fashion. Assemble your hair at the centre of your back and secure with elastic. To hide the elastic, you can twist a part of your hair around the base.

5. The outward curl

The outward curl

This hair style mostly complement with layered hair cut. It will take more or less five minutes to heat up your curling iron and curl the major layers outward. This fashion provides shinny texture to your hair.

6. Side Pony Tail with Braid

Side Pony Tail with Braid

Braid your hair form one side and slowly add new hair to give a finish look to your braid. Secure with bobby pins and then figure your hair in a simple, sleek side pony.

7. The poof

The poof

The front poof will show your face as well as will keep your hair down. To do this hair style just seize you front hair to poof it and secure with bobby pins.

8. Flipped Out

To give yourself a seductive look via an alluring hairstyle, check this out. To start with, you have to apply serum to your dried up locks to smooth your mane. Lightly flat iron your hair all over the head and flip out the ends instead of flattering them to give a curly look at the ends.

Photo Credit By: sheknows.com


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