Tabloid is your newest enemy if you are looking for the perfect figure. All those models on the covers of the glamorous magazines are not really as perfect as the photos appear to be. They are air brushed. But they are slim… in fact thin. But if you want that type of a figure where your tummy will look like a concave mirror and your collar bones will be more pronounced than your eye makeup, then it is time for you to stop and think again. There are better ways than skipping meals and going on diets to look slim.

Outfits to Make You Look Slim

Outfits to Make You Look Slim

1. Black dresses

Black is your best friend if you want to look slim. Whether it is the LBD, or a gown or even a skirt paired with a lovely top, you can never go wrong with black. It will make you look slim and will hide the excess fat that you are so embarrassed about.

2. White attires

Just like black, white can be equally concealing. But make sure that you wear something long. Try a chiffon blouson with a pencil skirt (not too tight), both in white, or a long flow white dress.

3. Vertical printed dresses

Avoid horizontal stripes if you have those extra pounds around your waist and hips. Try vertical stripes instead. Long flowing trousers and a loose comfortable shirt in the same horizontal print can hide all that you do not want to show.

4. Mixed prints

Create an optical illusion by mixing prints. Wear a printed skirt and use a different print for the top. If you want to get experimental, try and throw a bright color jacket to seal the deal. People might actually tell you that you have lost a lot of weight.

5. Skirts

Long and flouncy skirts can work their magic. The best thing would be to wear the skirt with a different color top. But things really look up if the skirt is mid calf in length and you wear it from your high waist.

6. Contrasting belt

If you really have the soft corner for the short skirt then make sure that you have a completely different color belt. Tuck in your black top with white prints on it into your white short skirt and wear it with a bright yellow belt to look like a runway model with the perfect figure.

7. Cropped tops

You can also try the cropped top look. Wear a skirt or trousers with a fitted, tucked-in, minimalist top and throw a loose cropped top over it. That’s the new fashion and it helps hide those pounds.

8. Well fitted A liners

A-line dresses are great to look slim. Try the ones with the front zipper.

9. Color swapping

Color blocking goes a long way and is your new friend to hide fat. Pair pieces with large color chunks with supplementary colors.

10. Geometric patterns

Geometric silhouettes are the new way to look trendy and they help the healthy to look slim.

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