The most important thing about leather to understand from the beginning is that leather is not restricted to the winters or to the biker babes. You can actually consider leather to be an outfit that will help ooze feminine charm and make you look classy. Even you men can sport leather in the summers and scorch the scene. Here are a few tips.

For her

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  • Leather shorts are great especially if you are open to neutral colors. While the brown is traditional and never goes wrong, you can experiment with other soft colors with scalloped edges. Team it up with some contrasting top and you are all set.
  • Like these shorts, you can opt for skirts as well. The trick is to keep it short and you might even want to keep it flouncy and pleated.
  • Pair your denims with some leather top. Try the sleeveless and asymmetrical ones.
  • If you are in the mood some experimentation try the leather jacket… this time the sleeveless one. Wear a short flouncy skirt, a cropped top but a nine long leather vest.
  • All your summer evenings will not be warm and sultry. For the chilly nights throw a leather jacket for that extra kick.
  • But if leather is too hot for your body try and accessorize it with a nice big leather bag. Not only will you grab a lot of eyeballs but you will find a good piece of storage for yourself.
  • In case you are in no mood to carry a big bag, get a leather pouch for your green bills and mobile phone. Minimalist is the other way to be.
  • If you are in the mood for white, a belt can enhance the look. Try leather belts in all sorts of colors and the white will make it stand out.
  • Shoes peak volumes about you so try your hands at leather booties with some short outfit. Show off your long legs with those boots to turn heads around.

For him

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When it comes to the fashion scene, men are not far behind. They too have a lot of options with leather in the summer months.


  • Keep a leather vest in your trunk. A leather vest over a check shirt, loose denims and waist chain can be very hot and inviting.
  • If boots are the things you dig, then nothing beats leather. It has often been said that a man is known by the shoes he wears. Give the girls something to get impressed with and invest in some sturdy yet fashionable leather boots.
  • A nice broad belt with a big buckle can be quite an eye catcher. Do not get flashy about the buckle as that will make you look desperate.
  • The next time you take your girl out to dinner, make sure you pull out your swank leather wallet to pay the bills. Only a man with good taste and strong character keep his cash and cards in a classy leather wallet.


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