Denim is a fabric that is long recognized as the foundation of menswear; it started as a typical menswear but with the advancement in fashion niche Denim has occupied a major section in women’s wardrobe as well. Denim not only gives perfect look for the toughest conditions, it looks ethnic if dressed in a different way as well.

ways to wear denim shirts

Due to its versatility, denim shirts can be transformed into a myriad of styles and comforts. Fashion stores are well equipped with both formal and casual denim shirts; of course you have to choose according to your personality. Here are few ways to denim shirts that will surely make you stand apart from the crowd –

1. Worn Open

This is the most fundamental way of wearing denim shirts. It provides you the off-duty as well as a masculine look throughout the year. An extra layer of white T shirt within for the period of cooler summer months or a colored fabric inner for winter season can be added with this style. Remember to contrast your denim shirt with lighter shade than the jeans you are wearing. This style is applicable for both men and women.

2. Holiday Chic

Since denim is considered as a casual wear globally, it is most familiar for the holiday season – be it at the beaches or during the hikes. A denim shirt combining with chino shorts will always be appreciable. It is not only comfortable but also adds a specific style.

3. The Beckham Half Tuck

The style of David Beckham is to wear basic pieces like denim shirts in an uncaring manner, yet which symbolizes uniqueness. Just like him you can wear tucking half the shirt and leaving the other roughly askew. To carry out this fashion trend you have to pick up lighter shade of denim shirts.

4. Air Tie

You can wear denim shirt in a modern way which will add individual vibe to your style segment. One technique is the “air tie”. It has been witnessed that this look echoes the approach of 80s which has evolved as a popular style among the modern youths. Metallic accessories suit aptly with this form of style whereas natural looks like brown leather, belts and watches are familiar with buttoned up denim shirts.

5. Suit-up

Due to its versatility denim shirts can be worn as formal attire too. It creates an unconventional aesthetic appeal with preppy frivolity. Styling with lighter cottons or heavy tweeds or silk tie will enchant your look amidst all. It enhances the amorphous silhouette style than a formal suit and dress shirt.

6. All wrapped up

To incorporate the semi-formal look you can wear a neutral cardigan in organic colour matching with your denim shirt.

7. Leather Contrast

Leather jacket which is the most essential piece of gentlemen wardrobe can be complemented with denim shirts harmoniously. These two textures act as an efficient contrast. You can wear your denim shirt openly or closed with a formal leather jacket.

8. On the runway

Though denim shirt has its origin in working class, D&G for their summer collection of 2010 took this material and studded it. Combining with velvet blazer and bow-tie in toffee added the most stylistic look.

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