Just like barbeque, cool ice tea and picnics by the beaches, shorts are an integral part of summer. There is no better piece of clothing than a pair of shorts to enjoy the summer. They are comfortable, light weight and you do not have to worry about it riding up your legs and thighs and thus it is carefree.

Diy shorts1

You sure can buy shorts but customizing it your own way and adding your own touch can make it unique. Here are some helpful tips that will brighten your shorts collection and yet weight light on your pocket. Look out for the following DIY tips to make your shorts even more interesting.

Diy shorts

Make your own shorts

1. Get a pair of scissors and the pair of jeans that you have planned to throw away for sometime due to its frayed edges. Cut off the legs and viola! There you have a brand new pair of shorts.

2. You can also turn over your old shorts into something totally cool. Buy a pack of cotton or nylon or even lace flowers of your choice from the crafts section of any store and stick them to your shorts. You can stitch them all over your shorts or limit it to just one side or even the two edges depending on the style you like. It will add feminine charm to your look with some sassiness!

3. If you have some time in your hands then buy some colorful wool. Make sure the colors are bright like orange, yellow, red, blue, pink, and magenta. Make thick braids with the wool and stitch these braids to the sides and pockets of your shorts. It will give you a very Indian look.

4. Crochet can be of great help to beautify your shorts. Create bold and big patterns like flowers or round patters with your crocket needle. Use the thread that will contrast with your shorts and stitch these patters to your shorts preferable at the bottom.

5. If you like the color splash then tie and dye can be your gig. Go for bright colors like dark red and magenta or even bottle green or royal blue. The tie and dye effect is great with dark colors.

6. Use the stencil to your advantage if you want to create patterns on your shorts.

7. You can try the brush paint technique as well and you do not have to be an artist for it. Just draw the pattern that you like (choose a simple one like a butterfly) and create cut-outs on paper. Now place these cut-outs on the shorts. Take a use tooth brush and dip it in color (not too runny) and then over the cutouts stroke the bristles of the brush so that the color falls on and outside the cutout. Remove the paper pieces to see the pattern.

8. Try highlighting the pockets with some glitter.

9. Use lace and line the edges of the shorts. It will make the pair look classy.

10. Use scissors and a needle and thread to scallop the bottom edges of the shorts.

Photo Credits By: fashiondivadesign.com


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