You all have faced situations when your curls and waves just do not work and most of the time you do not have the time to perfect them. There are times when you have a bad hair day when you do not have the time to call and book an appointment with hair stylist. There is nothing to worry as these 10 tips can fix your bad hair day easily and in no time.


1. Fix your Oily Hair Roots

This is a very easy tip. Mix water and a toner that does not contain alcohol in equal amounts and put into a spray bottle. Now spray your roots with this mixture and blow dry your hair. Your hair will look much better and less oily and a lot fresher.

2. Pin it

It is important that you have some clips or bobby pins handy as you never know when you have a bad hair day. If you feel that your curls are coming down or losing their shapes, spray some water and twist large portions while they are still damp. Now pin each of these sections and remove the pins when you get to work.

3. Oily hair

Mix one drop of tea tree oil with your regular shampoo to make your hair look less oily.

4. Apply Baby Powder to make Hair Dryer

Greasy hair is a strict no-no for anywhere you go. To fix your greasy hair, massage the roots of your hair with a tea spoon of corn starch or baby powder. After a minute turn your head upside down and brush your hair thoroughly. This tip works best for people with blonde hair. If you are a brunette, use baby powder or bronzing powder to remove the grease.

5. Keep Simple Products Handy

There are few products that can create magic on bad hair days. Products like natural shea butter and/or pomade can fix hair frizzes and fly-aways. Even coconut oil is a great product that you can use to soothe your hair and as well as skin.

6. Use Accessories

Keep few scarves, headbands, clips, pins and pony tail holders in your bag. There are various ways by which you can use these to make your hair look great and distract others.

7. Tangled Hair Issues

If you have tangled hair, then wash your hair first and then apply a hair mask and sit for around 15 minutes. You can use a conditioner as well. There will be considerable changes in the way your hair looks and there will be of course, very less tangles.

8. Dry Shampoo your Hair

Using a dry shampoo is another way of removing oily spots. Spray it throughout your head and you will see oily spots vanishing.

9. Take Care of your Curls

If your curls are falling flat, keep a hair spray enriched natural products, shea butter and coconut oil handy, to maintain your curls.

10. Instant help for Second Hair Day

Your hair usually retains some conditioner from the day before and if you are in a hurry, just dampen your strands with a spray bottle and apply a moisturizing product and start twisting sections with your fingers.

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