It is your first day at work and you do not know what you should wear? While most people think that wearing corporate casuals and formals are perfect for an office scenario, there are certain things that you should avoid for sure. It is important that you look good, not only in your office but everywhere else.

not to wear to office

We all have heard of the proverb ‘a book is not judged by its cover’, but in today’s office scenario, a person is judged first by his or her appearance and style sense and then with everything else. For the sake of your career, please avoid wearing the following to office.

1. Sneakers and flip-flops

Athletic footwear or sneakers are possibly the first thing to avoid wearing to office. Sneakers do not really go either with formals or with corporate casuals and is sure to put a sweat mark in your career. Just like the way, a bikini wrap cannot be passed off as a skirt; flip-flops in the same way are not exactly sandals.

2. Wrinkled shirts

Do not wear a wrinkled shirt to office and make sure of buying yourself a steam iron as these are easier to use.

3. Low waist pants

Showing your crack or thong is something you must avoid at your work place at any cost so never wear a low waist pant to your workplace. You can keep them for your weekend parties.

4. Jingly jewelry and hood Ornaments

Your colleagues will start hating you if you wear jingly jewelries to office and your male colleagues will start loving you if you wear pendants that droop into your cleavage. But both fortunately and unfortunately, should be avoided.

5. Track suits

It is your office and not your gym and so unless what ‘mall mommies’ to revolt demanding their uniforms back; do not wear them to office.

6. Fishnets

Do not wear any clothes that have fishnets, including your stockings. These are such a mismatch in the corporate world.

7. Hot pants

Never wear hot pants to office as you are not going there to show off your toned thighs.

8. T-shirts with typical quotes

Avoid wearing t-shirts that has political or religious jokes. It might offend someone. There are single colored and stripped t-shirts available in the market that looks like a shirt and can be worn to office though.

9. Cut-off shorts

You might love them but these are something that you should not wear to your office. Save it for the weekends and wear a smart pair of jeans instead (if jeans are allowed in your office).

10. Sheer Clothing

Even it is just a slightly transparent shirt of skirt or even thin t-shirt; it’s just not right for professional setting. Save it and your cute bra for some off-duty situations.

Keep your bra straps concealed and never take wet hair to office as well, no matter how casual your office environment is. When in office, it is best to remain perfect from head to toe.

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