You might be a bit perplexed on what you should and what should you not wear on your first date. First date is about creating impressions for life time, which calls for careful selection of your outfit. It should be appealing and eye-catching. Instead of selecting what you should wear, you can focus on what not to wear – and the decision taking gets easier. Fashion denotes personal style for every women and it differs from one to another.

Sporty attire

Here lie 8 things which should not be worn on your first date:

1. Try to Avoid Blacks

Your attire should reflect your personality. Hence if you are moving to any theatre or for coffee, clean jeans combining with button down top or t-shirt will be just appropriate for the occasion. If you love to wear any hoodie or holey jeans, trench them for the date. Try to keep away from all black ensembles unless you are moving to any mime date. Adding colour to your attire will make vibrant impression on your date. You can opt for colours like cobalt blue, jewel tones, maroon, emerald green etc.

2. No Sporty Attire

Are you comfortable with your gym outfit? Though the answer is yes you should not opt this attire for your first date. As the first date is all about to create impressions you should not go with your sporty spices.

3. Avoid Completely new Clothing

Guys are not Avant-grade fashioner and for them fashion is as weird rather than an art. Hence wearing your brand new dress on this occasion will not be suitable. Your look should be compatible with the approach towards the dated person. Your aim will not to look fierce.

4. No High Heels

Say no to high heels on your first date. It will become hard to manage with your high heels if you have gone for a meal and you have to walk eight blocks to get there. Unless being busy with your shoes, it will be better for you to focus on your partner probably with whom you want to date next time.

5. Not too Fierce or Weird

Do not even try something off the rack. Obviously you are not advised to wear your office attire, but you should wear something road-friendly. Any strapless will not be recommended as you will employ all your time to hike up the tube top. It can ruin your first date.

6. Say No to Scarfs

Though scarfs can add style to your attire do not tie it on your head to be stylish. It will throw the question whether you have any headache or not. In spite of this it will draw your attention towards it as this outfit will require too much readjusting.

7. Avoid  Tshirts with Liners

Another thing you should not include in your attire while choosing for your first date is any t-shirt of band which you do not listen. It can result in some very awkward conversation taking you to an embarrassing state.

8. No Loud Make Up

Simplicity will speak for you on your first date. Therefore avoid too bold make-up or any red lipstick to show off. It is not the time how beautiful or sexy you can look. Consequently without experimenting with your face just be like a regular person who can be approached, loved and possessed for lifetime.

Enjoy your first date with the perfect dress up!

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