Summer has successfully warmed up everywhere and with it spreads the heat of frustration and sweat. Wherever you go you have to protect your eyes with shades and your face with a scarf. With all your make ups melting away from your cream in an emotional frenzy, how do you put make up anymore? How do you stay beautiful and not get clumsy in the sweat?

Makeup Bag Essentials

Here is a range of makeup that you should absolutely have in your kit for this summer that both protect you from the heat as well as look good. From a wide range of sunscreens and exfoliator, to lip balms and waterproof make up, try everything to beat the heat.

Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator

Summer months mean excessive skin exposure. It’s an irony really how you actually need to hide as much as skin these months but end up showing more because of the sheer heat. So in order to protect them use Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator. This refreshing gel based formula hides in it lots of menthol, and other biological extracts like aloe vera etc. that successfully invigorates your skin and leaves it clear with a healthy glow.


For all these pretty woman who were into bold lipsticks that make you look sexy are now invariable feeling down. Well not to worry. Replace your winter kit with the summer ones that include a varied range of lip glosses to perfectly compromise with the warm weather.

These protect your delicate lips from cracking up and turn few shades darker as well as keep them refreshing and add a wash of bright colors to your lips. Try all sorts of natural shades.

Water Resistant Bronzer

Protect your face from the extreme heat with the water resistant bronzer that does what normal compacts fail to do. With a super slinky finish and a slight sparkle that gives your skin the pretty glow that most woman die for, it has the added benefit of being water resistant. So no matter how much you sweat all do, it is likely to stay intact in its place.

In order to get the perfect natural looking bronze effect, swoop your brush in a 3 path that begins on  your temples first, works its way down under the cheek  and ends at your jaw line.

Setting Powder

Finally, with the thought that no matter how much water resistant make up you put, some of those tiny fabrics seems to be crawling down your face. This is where your setting powder comes in after you have completed your look with the compacts and eye shadows and eyeliners seal the deal with the setting powder.

It is amazing how it is so effective in the days of summer. And because its primary task is to focus on fixing the deal, it does its job perfectly. Try on a setting power that has a bit of yellow tinge to it, so it successfully removes redness and dark circles.

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