Thinking of a tropical print brings to the mind a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and prints depicting bright flowers, green trees, toucans, flamingos and the sprinkling of gaily clad tourists with bright coloured lipsticks and hoop earrings. There was a time when tropical designs and prints made us think of the Hawaii and holidays on the beach. Not so anymore.

Ideas to be Chic In Tropical Palm Prints

The tropical print has all of a sudden taken the fashion scene by storm and can be seen splashed everywhere starting from t-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts to even jackets and trousers. The palms have even invaded the accessories section and you will find assortment of earrings, scarves, bags and sandals in these prints as pretty much the fashion in vogue.

Find below a few tips to look chic in the tropical prints.

1. Pair off a bright tropical palm printed t shirt, top or a shirt with a lighter coloured trousers or skirt or shorts. You could choose the light coloured clothing from a pallet of whites, beige and other sober or neutral colours which do not hurt the eye when paired with the bright tropical prints.

2. Tropical palm prints are not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires guts to carry the style through. So if you are one of those who are a bit apprehensive about sporting tropical prints in a bold way across the entirety of your dress, then try to include a panel in the form of a waistband or the lapels of collars, or maybe a few panels down the skirt of a tropical print. Let the rest of the ensemble be in neutral or light colour.

3. Accessorize with nude colours whenever your dress is a tropical print. Carry a purse or a cling in nude colour with a brightly coloured dress, or don a sandal in nude colour to complement a shorts in a tropical print.

4. Or you may not want your dress to be showcasing the tropical palm prints. In that case you may buy accessories with your plain shades to look tropical chic. The accessories could be a bag in a cool palm fronds print or a sandal that looks very tropical because of its print.

5. Try wearing a scarf or a bandana that will complement your white top and a beige long skirt. The tropical print on the brightly coloured scarf or bandana will break the monotony of the simply coloured dress.

6. You could also choose lighter shades for the tropical prints. It is not necessary that palm prints need to be breathtakingly bright and in the eye kind of vibrant. So choose the prints on a softer shaded background.

7. Remember that tropical prints are always fun and casual. So even when you are wearing a jacket in a tropical print, you are actually lending a casual look to the jacket. Keeping this in mind, remember to keep the silhouettes of dresses with tropical prints very casual and fun.

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