It is finally summer and what better way is there than to celebrate it at the beach. But that also means you need to update your look, because the swimsuit you wore last summer is just not cut for this year’s new fashion trend. This year’s hottest swimsuit trend is anything but shy and lingerie designed. They are sexy, bold and drop- dead gorgeous. So know what is in and awesome, before things really start heating up this season. So know what you are dealing with go grab them all.

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Here are the boldest, sexiest and coolest swimsuits that you can find anywhere and why they are absolutely something you should buy.

The Sporty Sleek Swimsuit

From volleyball to Frisbee, snorkeling to water skiing, you are the kind of girl that doesn’t like to build a sandcastle. You are the kind of girl that likes to break sandcastles with eyes closed. That’s how awesome you are. You deserve something as cool as you. Welcome the sporty sleek swimsuit. It consists a wide range of streamlined one piece, thick straps and separates that are athletically cut to give your body perfect shape. They are extremely comfortable and give a sporty look to you. Though they are available in all color, skip the basic red and black, try bright and neon for a flare.

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Flutter and Flounce

Everybody loves ruffles. Whether it be on a pretty dress or on swimsuits. And this year’s ruffled swimsuits are sure to bowl you over. They are the number one choice for almost anybody, especially because it suits everybody style. If you have a lot of bust, flaunt your asset with a plunging neckline and then adorn them with the flutter ruffles whereas, if you are a little flat, then you can surely enhance them with the bandeau trapeze top. Then there are the fluttery one pieces which do camouflage your middle at the same time make you look sexy.

Crochet and Macramé

A little forecast here, crochet and macramé are the style that will rule the seaside everywhere this season. The best part about this swimsuit is that it has a lot of delicate detailing on it. From laces and string, these swimsuits have the perfect textured balance as well as featured weight. Because it has all these materials hanging out from the sides, it won’t ever stop you from looking like the beach princess. And while you can always choose the basic black and white that will never go old, try block solid colors as well.

The Denim ones

Yes, there are denim suits as well. But not the original fabric that would really become uncomfortable in water. These are the season’s favorite lightweight bikini and one piece fabric that are designed from your everyday denim pants. They even have adorable details like pockets, patches and buttons. They are absolutely sexy that fits your curves the best as well as absolutely cool. Amazed? You should be.

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