With the rise in scorching heat of summer, fragrances and perfumes have become one of the most necessary pieces in every woman’s cosmetic collection. Without perfumes women’s wardrobe becomes incomplete and it’s genuinely difficult to find a woman who is not fond of fragrances.

Alluring Perfumes


Perfumes bring a unique identity of you from the rest. Summer fragrances should be a bit stronger from mild, possible fruity or floral smell that not only energises you when you wear it but also has the capability to retain throughout the day despite of sweat and heat.

Consequently here lies a list of 7 must have perfumes and fragrances for women in this summer as this season motivates lighter and fresh perfumes to be used so that they can overpower the grime of the sunny weather:

1. Oriens by Van Cleef & Arpels was familiarized in 2010 by Bernard Ellena. Transcriptions of Oriens are mandarin orange, white flowers, jasmine, black currant, patchouli, raspberry, amber, praline and vanilla which are well compatible with summer evenings.

2. Something Blue By Oscar De La Renta is obviously devoted for fancy brides. It is an elegant perfume to wear with removable ring along with signature logo. Base notes are ambrette seeds, white musk, bourbon vanilla, and ambergris and cashmere woods.

3. The perfume named Stella McCartney Lily Eau De Parfum has combination of the pink pepper, black pepper with white muck and patchouli which crafts diverting fragrance. It comes under a crystal bottle. Other alluring notes available under this roof are Black truffles, white musk, oak mess, lily of the valley etc.

4. Prada Candy LÉAU has brighter and fresher fragrance. This perfume has been introduced with the notion of fantastic young girl. Caramel, oriental floral, benzoin, citrus are included as the notes of this fragrance. Vanilla, caramel and white mucks are blended to fashion this perfume.

5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Petite Flower On The Go Duo is perfect for women. Its striking floral fragrance with dazzling violet notes is compatible with office days. It also gives a fruity touch for your weekend.

6. Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum Spray is all time lovable for all women. You will enjoy playing with its sensual and rich orchid and Indonesian patchouli notes. Its Venetian Murano glass-inspired bottle suits with any dress.

7. With an aquatic fragrance, Missoni Acqua by Missoni is perfectly matched with women who are involved in rigorous work throughout the day. Melon, bergamot and peony bring a mesmerising elegancy to your personality.

Perfumes are for year long and apart from buying them in summer, you would also like to posses the favourite ones all through the year. You are recommended to keep an eye on the following rules while choosing your perfumes:

  • It is necessary to choose your fragrance according to flavour of the season. Summer perfumes will not be applicable for winter season as winter fragrances tend to be more mild and subtle ones.
  • Perfume is a personal choice and greatly influenced by individual preference and personality traits; thus understand the personality for whom you are buying the perfume.
  • The fragrance should complement the occasion you are attending. For instance the perfume for office hours cannot be same as party days.
  • Check brand reliability and skin sensitivity while choosing any perfume.

Photo Credit By: chanel.com


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