When you talk about wearing laces, it’s all about dressing dreamy in our minds with flowers and music encapsulating the world of the fairies. Well, laces have that effect, and if you add it up with mini and maxi dresses with different silhouettes, you not only get dreamy but also edgy boho chic and sexy. With spring advancing faster than you can think, get ready to adorn yourself with lace so that when you’re walking out, it’s not the cherry blossoms that people see, it’s you.

Flaunt Your Fantasy Dresses With Lace

These are a few tips to how you can quirk up your already beautiful fashion, so that you can become unstoppable.

1. Opt For The Colored Lace

Black and white laces are so last year. Choose from a wide range of bright red and peaches this season. They make quite a statement and have an altogether different feel from wearing regular black and white.

You don’t just remain an office party go-er, you become the fun and nightclub types. However, remember that since colored lace have a lot of drama on their own, team them up with little or no neutral accessories. For example, a blood red lace dress would sizzle the floors with a beige colored stiletto.

2. Check for the Fabric

Always look at the quality of the fabric before buying lace. It can be pretty tricky, and a wrong kind of fabric totally ruins the style. For example, if you are buying the dress for day to day work purpose, then a lighter casual lace is the one you should choose.

They are light comfortable and extremely easy to carry. However, if it’s a party on your mind, then the heavier ones are for you. For this, choose a dress with neutral colors and pair it up with tan leather accessories for an out of the box look.

3. What’s Left For the Evening

Better quality and heavier laces are always better to be worn during the evening. Plus, the sheer ambience of dusk or evening calls for an elegant looking long length dress or a gown. And while blacks are always the first choice, try something new, like cream or lilac. Black is just playing safe. Block white on the other hand looks a bit too bridal so try pairing them up with junk jewelries with colorful trims.

4. Play with Sheer Lace

Finally, the main objective of a lace dress is to focus solely on the lace. The way the lace is adjusted in your dress, does have the work for you. So go for the best. Go for the sheer sheath dress that flatters your body and uplifts your face.

Of course if you are the daring one, you could try them on without a slip, but if you want to play safe, then a slip is probably a good idea. Balance this revealing bodice with either a more relax cut neckline or a longer hem to avoid adding more drama.

Photo Credit By: instyle.com


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