Spring is here, and with it are gone the heavy bulky sweaters and jackets that you had hid yourself under all through the cold winter months. With the change in the season, you are ready to welcome the new with beautiful spring clothing in all its hues, the greens and the fuchsias and all the colours of spring collection to brighten up your wardrobe. You have taken care to add the best of the cuts and styles for must have dress designs this year, added the perfect spring look makeup to complement the wardrobe and are all ready to step out in style. But, wait a second.

 spring fashion accessories

Are you really ready with whatever is needed? What about accessories? Without the proper accessories, any dress or ensemble looks incomplete. Accessories enhance whatever you are wearing and gives meaning to the whole ensemble.

Here are a few tips on what are the must have accessories to enhance your spring style:

1. Bags and Clutches

Bags are a girls’ best accessory and a needed one too as you throw in all that you own into it. Colour and lots of bright colour is the key word this spring when you are shopping for your bags. Choose from shimmery metallic coloured bags to slings and totes in flowery prints. Little bows or scarves tied to the bags give a flowy look to the pretty must haves and lends them a breezy spring time air. Try out the brightly coloured mini clutches to match or contrast with your dress, and know that you are the envy of all the girls around.

2. Belts

Use a dainty thin belt in a colour that complements or plain white, cream or tan to clinch your dress at the waist and add definition and power.

3. Shoes and sandals

Get the nude sandals that are so hot this season. With thin straps and sequined colourful ruffles or flowers to match your dress, these flats will show off your pedicure to full advantage. If you are going out on a Saturday you might want to don a high heel or a wedge to offset the dress you are wearing to the party.

4. Watches

Big watches are the trend this spring and the choices you have are many. Go for steel or leather bands that will give a definition to your ensemble.

5. Turbans

Although this may sound weird but turbans have made a turnaround and all set to take the streets by storm. Paired with the correct colorful dress, turbans will be adding a lot of glamour and oomph to whatever you are wearing.

6. Jewellery

No girls’ wardrobe is complete without the correct jewellery to go with her dress. Danglers, chokers, rings bangles, bracelets and anklets are all in depending on what you are wearing it with and how you carry it. Try the gold version with precious or semi- precious stones on them to add sparkles or go retro with traditional tribal jewellery. The choice is yours as long as you are comfortable in it.

Photo Credit By: secretstylefile.com


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