Spring is in the air with its promise of the summer ahead. Longer and warmer days point to the summer knocking at the door, asking us to get back in shape, to get our body just right for the swimming trunks and bikinis we could flaunt on the beach come summer.

Spring Workout Wardrobe1

Spring is the perfect weather to hit the gym and workout. Early morning chill is reduced to just a nip in the air that feels so right while jogging down that trail in the park. But now is the time to get those bulky winter exercise gear out of the way and put together a wardrobe for the spring that will make the workouts more fun and interesting

Spring Workout clothes

Follow these tips to put together the perfect spring workout wardrobe for him and for her to workout this season:-

1. The colour palette this spring is reflecting the colors of the spring and both men and women can choose from the different shades of greens like emerald green, sea green, hemlock green, or different shades of blue like placid blue, dazzling blue or for a softer look pale blue. Try softer pastel shades if you are not so keen on brighter colors or go super sexy with fuchsia. You can even go totally funky with tie and die printed tops or delicately alluring floral prints.

2. Spring brings more warmth than the extreme cold of winters, but the mornings still tend to remain chilly. Hence tops with full sleeves are a safe bet, as shorter sleeves could make you feel cold and get cramps in those muscles and anything warmer could make you feel too warm. Buy something in odour defying material to keep you fresh and pleasant smelling throughout the workout routine. Try the layer technique by throwing on a bright coloured top over a nude top to sport the nude- neon trend.

3. Choose a lightweight jacket in waterproof material to throw over your T as protection against sudden chilly and windy weather especially during early mornings and late evenings.

4. The shapes of trousers have got trendier this season. The classic leggings is still ruling as a safe and time tested option in classic greys, blacks and blues. The Burberry’s and Dior ramps projected the idea of the metallic and that is latest addition to this year’s spring workout gear must haves. If you want something that’s latest and trendy as well as comfortable then opt for the drop crotch pants. This allow room inside the trousers to feel comfortable and yet at the same time look fashionable too.

5. No wardrobe is complete without a proper pair of footwear. Choose a pair of lightweight sneakers to complement your workout clothes. Make sure that the soles of the sneakers are giving enough support to the feet.

6. Complete your spring workout wardrobe by investing in wristbands and headbands to keep the sweat out of your eyes and the wrist getting the proper support. With the above tips in mind you can be sure of a wonderfully refreshing workout this spring.

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