Return of the Pleated Skirt

The fall of 2011 saw the comeback of the pleats on the ramps and the fashion houses lapped it up like a piece of cake. It was considered something of a fad then, a comeback of the retro look that will rock the fashion world and move on. The pleats however stuck on and here we are into the second quarter of 2014 with the pleated skirt still taking up the fancy of all. The leg veil or the sheer skirt has made its appearance on the red carpet but not at the expense of the pleated skirt. In fact you can see the sheer skirtjoining the pleats half way to create a look which is at once ethereal and sexy.

What to consider while wearing the Pleats

Pleated Skirt

It is all very well to be aware of the latest fashion trends, but it is a different ball game altogether to be able to pull off the look that goes with it. Each style requires a certain élan to carry it out and the sensitivity to one’s own body type and personality. Being aware of which colours suit our skin, or which length of the skirt will look best on our height, is all part of creating a great look for any ensemble. Not only this, one has to have an eye for detailing and the accessories that would enhance what you are wearing.

Ways to wear a Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt1

Here are a few ways you could make yourself look like style icon and envy all with your pleated skirt

1. Choose the type of Pleats that will suit you: Consider your body type. If you have a big bum, trying to pull off accordion pleats will be a real disaster as it would only make you look heavier. Try the knife pleats instead. The knife pleats stay close to your body and has less volume and helps to create a feeling of sleekness. If you have a bulge on the tummy, you would do yourself a great favour by opting for the stitched down pleats that lie flat at the top and flares out at the bottom. An ideal style for playing down tummy bulge.

2. Colours play a Great Role:-Take a closer look at yourself. Think of what colours suit you. Try skirts and tops in contrasting or complementing tones that bring out your skin tone beautifully. If you are heavier at the bottom, steer clear of lighter coloured skirts as these would make you look bulkier. Go for skirts in darker shades, or try jazzy prints in dark colours that will make you look chic and trendy.

3. Show your Waist: – Pleated skirts add volume to your hip area. If you pair it with a top that hides your midriff, you will end up looking like a sack whatever be your body type. Therefore whatever you wear on top, be it a shirt, blouse or a sweater, tuck it in and accessorize with a thin or wide belt to enhance your waist.

In the end, remember that you are your greatest style guru. Wear what is comfortable and follow what the mirror says about your looks instead of getting swayed by the latest trends.

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