Agreed that spring is the time, when nature is in its full glory and bloom and like nature and everything around you is filled with colors, you too, would want your wardrobe to reflect that palette. But having said, when you consider a trend like pastels catching on like wildfire, this spring, you ought to give it a try.

Pastels in shoes and nails

While some of you might think that a. pastels don’t complement all skin tones and hence cannot be carried by you, or b. that pastels are bland, you can only pass your judgement when you have given it an opportunity to work wonders.

Pastels in Shoes and Nails

shoes in pastel shades

When it comes to trying pastels, don’t be fooled to think that you can only wear them on your body. This spring, shoes in pastel shades are just as alluring as in any other shade. And to prove the point, you can take a long and hard look at platforms in candy colored pinks or lilacs or mint greens.

But then, since we are talking about parts of our body that can be rather accentuated by the use of pastel shades, why shouldn’t we be talking about the emergence of pastel nails? White washed nails can be a head turner, doesn’t matter even if you don’t include pastels in your wardrobe. It is just the beginning of the white nail revolution!

Pastel – The ‘it’ Shade

With designers and models and fashionistas falling in love with pastels, this spring, you must have guessed that pastel is the ‘it’ shade this season. Having emerged victorious on the spring/summer runways this year, the pastel is present all around in the myriad and candy inspired hues of pink, green, purple blue and coral.

Designers like Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor and the likes have taken pastel and designed it into something that represents effortless, yet chic style. Whether you are in the office, or out for a brunch or even a girls’ day out with friends, pastels can come to rescue of your wardrobe woes. Imagine pastel pencil skirts, blouses or jackets and you will know, why it is the ‘it’ shade.


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