If you think that women today are satisfied with only one ring, think again! The trend of stackable rings is fast catching on and since celebrities have already endorsed it, why would you be left behind? The best way to accentuate your long shapely fingers is with the help of multiple rings, stacked atop each other.

Stackable Rings1


But, it is also a reflection of your personal style statement and hence, what appears to be random rings stacked on top of each other, actually takes a lot of insight and attitude to be put into place. Once you decide to sport this trend, there will never be a day, when people will not turn one more time to look at your fingers!

Create Pattern With the Rings

Now, just because you are sporting the chic look of stackable rings, doesn’t mean that you can wear just any ring that suits your whim and fancy! The mantra of making the stackable rings look work is by creating a pattern with the rings. What works best is if you can stack the rings in a colour co-ordinated fashion.

The idea is to create a contrasting look by combining a ring in bright colour and then following it up with a ring in a darker colour. Better still, if you can use black and white rings and co-ordinate them to create a patterned look.

Light Weight Rings are Better

When you wear statement rings, most of the time, a big and chunky piece can limit the movement of your finger and that is why it is a better idea to choose light weight rings which look trendy as well as will not limit the movement of your fingers and when you can get the same amount of attention with lighter rings than the heavier ones, then why not choose the former?


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