The latest trends make you want to do all to adopt it and want to pull it off in a way that it would make it look like the style was made thinking of you in mind. The slouch pants or harem pants are the latest fadwhich are trending and people are lapping up the style. Harems are a great style that work good for all kinds of body types. Forgiving at the hips and coming together to hug the calves and ankle, the harem pants or slouch pants can make anybody look good and at the same time give comfort to the wearer due to its natural cut.

how to wear slouch pants

Harem Pants’ slouchy design is of a kind which might make you a bit shaky about whether you could do justice to it. However, there is no need to worry, as, the following tips will give you ideas on how to wear the super comfortable slouch pants to create a style statement of your own.

1. Office Smart

Harem Pants in office?? Did we just hear you cry out in astonishment? Yes, the slouch pants are versatile enough to be worn at the office with a collared shirt or a blouse and a jacket to complete the look. And if you have to rush to that party just after work, just remove the jacket and you are ready for the kill. Be sure to wear your heels though as they give a nice fall to the harems.

2. Day Time Comfy

Pair off a fitting t-shirt with rolled up slouch pants, aka Rihanna style, and wear your sneakers to be comfortable during the shopping or outing with friends during the day.

3. Evening Classy

The leather trendy slouch with fitted ankles and calves will make you look chic during the evening get together with friends. Tuck in a shirt on top or pair it with a cut off tank to give it a hot glamorous look. Wear matching high heels to complement the look.

4. Choose the Fabric

Slouch pants or harems come in all designs and are available in different materials. When you are wearing silk harem pants, remember the fabric is supposed to mould the body and it might stick to your body in certain places. In order for it not to give away too much of what you want to hide, choose your undergarments with care.

5. Jumpsuit Version

Rather than going for a slouch pant with a shirt or blouse or top, try a jumpsuit made in the style of the harems. The pleats around the waist and the tapered bottom will give you height, and a curvy middle, whereas the top will sit tight across your body to show it off in its best way.

Just remember that, a slouchy garment needs something tighter to give a shape or definition to the body or else you will end up looking shapeless. For example, a loose t- shirt worn over slouchy pants will definitely end up making you look like a shapeless bean bag. Go for tanks or tight tops to show off your silhouette when you are opting for the slouch and be confident about how you look.

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