There are so many things all around you that signify that spring is here and very soon summer will be heralded too. Of course, the chirping birds and the blooming flowers and the bees ever so active in gathering honey and the warm rays of the sun will tell you that nature has bid adieu to the harsh and biting winter and has embraced the new season with open arms.

Fitted And Flaring Attires


But what will you do, or rather wear to signify that you too, have invited summer into your life? What about a fit and flare dress this season?

Highlight Your Assets

A fit and flare dress is the best option you have when it comes to a. flaunting your lady frame, and b. showing off a creative, fun and effortless side of your personality. Since a fit and flare dress is, as the name suggests, fitted at the waist and flared at the hips, you can use it to your full advantage when you want to highlight these two assets of your figure.

Shoes are the Best Accessory

A fit and flare dress is a typical summer wear and when you are planning to slip into one, always make sure that you pair your dress with the right footwear. Having said that, it is important that you make sure the footwear you choose goes well with the length of the dress. A fit and flare dress can be short in length, as in above the knee, or it can also be below the knee, or just knee-length.

When you choose an above the knee length fit and flare dress, you should ideally pair it with wedges. And in case you have your eyes on a knee-length or below the knee fit and flare dress, you should pay attention and choose pumps or flats to go with it.

Since a fit and flare dress reflects the aesthetics of a 1950s or a 1960s inspired fashion, it has a timeless appeal, that will not only complement your aesthetics, but also your wardrobe’s.


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