The mini dress is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe for a year round investment, whether you go out for a party or hang out with your friends. But as you advance towards the warmer seasons, you need to focus more on dresses that accentuate your curved and streamlined body as well keep you cool, so that you don’t look like you are sweating all over while trying to maintain a sexy look. The style falls apart quickly.

Dos And Don’ts Of Flaunting Your Mini Dresses

Follow the dos and don’ts of wearing a good mini dress season and no one can stop you from looking like a fashion diva.


  • Combine A Mini Dress With Heels: With having bare legs that are one of the main focuses, you need to highlight it as much as possible. There is nothing like pairing bold and toned legs with high heels. This will accentuate the length of your legs and make it look more lean and sexy. And remember, while traditional pencil heels always work the best with any sort of dress you wear, experiment with items that have a bit of edge to quirk things up. Like, go with platform heels or wedges; they help you balance up the entire proportion. Remembering that a mini dress has minimum material and often a color block, heels are the ones that add more flavor to your style.
  • Be Careful By Choosing the Appropriate Length: Mini dresses can be of varied lengths. You should definitely take time to revise what sort of length works and flatters your body type. A general rule is to wear the dress to a length that exposes your leg is to avoid having it end at the widest part of your leg. Of course this is just a summation of the general idea, you should go over every type of lengths to see which works the best for you. Also try out new silhouettes while experimenting with lengths.


  • Wear the Mini Dress Skin Tight: While the idea of wearing a tight dress is so that it can highlight your curves, the real idea is to not wear it too tight. A mini dress is already short and accentuating your bare legs, on top of it if you wear a dress that shows of your belly button or if you look like you can’t breathe in it, rest assured, it’s far from classic sexy. It is always a good idea to buy dresses according to your body measurements rather than the size written, because often it seems like it is too tight to move or loose enough to hang.
  • Show Too Much Skin: While it is always tempting to buy a low cut mini dress, remember that you are already showing your legs. An open cleavage line, or a belly slit is hardly flattering. And in case you do have a plunging neckline, pair it up with junk jewellery to avoid too much drama. Of course, this rule does not hold true for open arms and shoulders.

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