A scarf can be the most interesting piece of accessory that a woman can have. The total look of a dress can be changed just by changing the way you wear the scarf. The colour and print of scarf adds a different dimension to your ensemble too. Scarves are not necessarily draped only around the neck and you may experiment with different ways to wear the scarf and accessorize your outfit to add interest to your total look. Here are a few interesting ideas on how you can wear a scarf:

Wear Your Scarf In 8 New Interesting Ways

1. Wear a scarf around your neck which is the way scarves are traditionally worn. Try to go for different kinds of knots and prints to give a different look as the occasion demands. You may search the web on ideas on how to drape the scarf in different ways.

2. Clinch your waist with a scarf over a sundress. Try going for a plain coloured scarf on a flowery printed dress or a printed scarf on a plain dress to add contrast. You can even attach a large round buckle to one end of the scarf with a big safety pin. Simply wrap the scarf on your waist and pull the loose end through the buckle and let the end hang. This gives a very flowy romantic look.

3. Use a scarf to tie around the straps of your bag in a pretty bow or even a simple knot with the ends left loose.

4. The large silk scarf can sometimes be folded like a triangle and draped around the shoulders to look like a shawl or a cape. This will give a very dressy look to a fitted plain dress. Wear a brightly coloured scarf to offset the starkness of a black dress.

5. You can tie a scarf around your ponytail to give a vibrant peppy look to your persona. There are two ways to tie the scarf on your ponytail. Make the ponytail high on your head with a rubber band. Now wrap a scarf on the rubber band and tuck in the ends. As an alternative, you may just knot the scarf on your ponytail and let the ends hand loose. This gives you a young, cheerful look without trying to be overtly cute.

6. Try wearing the scarf on your head like a headband. Sweep all your hair away from the face. Fold the scarf longitudinally to make a long piece and tie this flat on your head. Tie the knot at the nape of your head and secure the ends of the scarf by tucking it in. Or you may let the end hang on the side of your head on one shoulder to give a more relaxed look.

7. You could wear the scarf around your neck knotted like a man’s tie. Wonderful to lend a chic relaxed look to a formal suit dress, a scarf can lend some colour too.

8. Wear a scarf around your head like a bandana and give your ensemble an oriental look.

Photo credit By: glamrs.com


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