Designers came up with a tough girl look as one of the most popular trend for the fall of 2014.  Androgynous cuts and eclectic motifs put new collections into a new light. Original as always, designers took the looks presented for the first part of 2014 on a new level, either peeking in the past, or looking into the future.

Tory Burch’s Fall 2014 – Urban Warrior

Tory Burch's Fall 2014

Inspired from her family’s armor collection, Tory Burch created a modern warrior. Tapestry was her main inspiration source for skirts and dresses, while golden belts mirrored the theme perfectly, capturing the core of her inspiration. Wool tunics and lace on pump ups reminded of fair maidens. The color palette containing metallic shades mixed with oxblood, navy, deep green and grey transports the viewer in a different age. Tory Burch played with the textures to ensure her creations will get the attention.

Diesel’s astronaut-futuristic collection for Fall 2014

Diesel's astronaut-futuristic collection for Fall 2014

Diesel Black Gold Fall 2014 is the exact image of its name, the dominant shades being gold and black, complemented by gunmetal, white, silver and charcoal. Dresses with well-defined zippers, leather jackets with metallic accessories, sharp cuts, underline a bold personality for the tough girl of the Fall 2014.

J. Crew 20’s cabaret dancers

J. Crew 20's cabaret dancers

J. Crew is another fashion house who chose to get inspiration from the past. Berlin’s cabaret dancers of 20’s and 30’s were the lighthouse of the new collection, which featured a well-blended mix of masculine and feminine items. The color palette is quite large, but red, black and grey appear to be favorite.  Rich embellishments and sportswear defined the collection as the fashion house’s signature.

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Back to the basics

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Designers at Marc by Marc Jacobs returned to the line’s beginnings, 13 years ago. Their view of a tough girl consists of masculine cuts and oversized feminine items like skirts and dresses. The colors are evolving around black, which is combined with bright blue or red. An interesting touch are the glossy skirts found in the collection and the sportswear cleverly combined with retro jackets. The wide black, leather belt which appears to be the main focus of all outfits cannot be missed.

Vera Wang’s grunge looks

Vera Wang's grunge looks

Vera Wang played her collection on the grunge looks, keeping a sensual touch in the all-boyish outfits. Lace, leather and silk mix together to give a tough look. The all black color palette, broken on areas by navy, nude and shiny beaded accessories enhances the rough around the edges sexy girl appearance.


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