Since spring is already here and it is time for new fashion trends to make their presence felt on the fashion scene, let us welcome the sports luxe trend with open arms. Now if you have been paying particular attention to the emerging trends this season, you would know that sports luxe trend is the latest that is doing the rounds in the fashion corridors of the world. It is not only flattering and flexible, but also, comfortable, which you might not be able to say for other fashion trends.

Sports Luxe Trend with Style

Even models like Miranda Kerr are sporting the trend to their advantage and when such a pretty face (and body) as hers can pull it off, you have some inspiration going there, to give a try yourselves. You should find it a solace that high-end designers like Balenciaga and Gucci have already picked up their pencils and started doing some serious sketching already.

Alexander Wang, for Balenciaga has given the sports luxe trend a new lease of life by designing and pairing cropped tops with long boxers and tennis skirts, and you can see for yourself, how well, gorgeous even, the sports luxe trend looks. Gucci has signalled the return of the racerback bra, in mesh, and when paired with bomber jackets and oversized tees and track pants in satin, they can make you runway worthy, any day.

But if you are looking strictly for luxe in the sports luxe trend, you should consider giving Marni a look. A special mention here for the bomber jacket skirts and suits bejewelled with sequins and crystals. And when you are thinking about the sports luxe trend, don’t even think about departing from the bomber jacket look.

Replete with digital prints, floral prints, slogans and colour blocks, you can never go wrong with one. And if you are thinking about the texture of bomber jackets and track pants or other sports inspired luxury clothing, leather and sheer are only the beginning.

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